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GuruWalk is a leading platform for free walking tours in more than 297 cities. Anyone can sign up for a free walking tour on our site, without having to pay any upfront cost for the reservation. If you're a guide, you can publish and promote a tour anywhere in the world through our platform. Neither guides nor travellers have to pay any reservation fees as all tours are based on tips.

A “GuruWalk”, also known as a “free walking tour”, is a guided tour offered by a so-called ”guru” who has a particular affinity for or knowledge about their city and wants to share that passion with other people.

Unlike other platforms, we prefer to use the term ”guruwalk” instead of “free walking tour”. The latter implies that there is no cost at all, whereas a ”guruwalk” means that you leave the guide a tip at the end of a tour, based on how much you enjoyed your experience.

The amount you tip is completely up to you. You decide at the end of your ”guruwalk” how much you think it was worth, and what the amount is that the ”guru” deserves.

Thanks to your contributions, we can ensure that people from all economic backgrounds are able to share the culture, history and art of their city. Furthermore, tips provide an additional motive for guides to improve their tour every day and make them as fun and engaging as possible.

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