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We knew free walking tours are a great way to start your trip, and a crazy growing market. But mostly, we realized there are thousands of people around the world who would like to become guides and don’t have the resources for doing it.

That’s why we started GuruWalk, and why our efforts are mostly in developing countries, where people can’t afford doing their own website, and pay the necessary marketing for attracting customers.

On the other side, travellers find more difficult to find free walking tours in this remote countries. So, by doing this, we provide value to both sides of the marketplace.

The goal of GuruWalk is becoming the leading platform for free walking tours all over the world. That’s why everybody can join, publish a tour, and become a guide in our site, completely for free. This website has no costs for the guide, nor for the traveller.

Once you have published it, you will start receiving bookings of travellers who want to join your guruwalk. After the tour, the travellers will give you a donation for your work, which could be a considerable amount of money with big groups.

A “guruwalk”, also known as a “free walking tour”, are guided tours around the main landmarks of a city, and are paid as donations at the end.

The “free walking tour” concept is a little misleading. Because the word “free” is mostly associated with no cost at all. Which is not true. That’s why we prefer to call it “guruwalks”.

The amount given to the guide is completely open. The travellers decide at the end how much they want to give, depending on how much they liked the experience, and how much they can afford.

Thanks to this, we assure the access of culture to people from any economic level. And it’s also an extra motivation for the guides for improving day by day, and do it more fun.

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