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Hi All!

My name is Tery ,I am 43 years old,I was born and grew up in Athens, I have two sons and my education was in pharmacy. I am involved with holistic therapies . I always had a global theory of the world and for the last 8 years I have been participating in public Greek Hellenism, the polytheistic worshiping system according to ancient Greek beliefs.

All these macking me see my city as something very sacred .

How wonderful and amazing the city of Athens is! Is not just a capital city! Is an amazing triple crossing: three levels of ground, three historical periods, three cities in one!

This realization, this reality macking me so happy that I want to start to share it with all the humans who will be able to walk on it without the daily stress of living as citizens.

What a better opportunity to do this than the Guru city system!

Nothing happens randomly, everything is for a reason, the soul's path!

I am very thankful that you visit the country I am blessed to be born and living in.

I am very honored that you chose Athens to be one of the places you walk on ,inside the journey of your life.

I'm excited to have the opportunity to walk together and show you the city through my eyes! Of course I can give whatever information you need for all Greece's cities so as to make your trip as much more pleasurable could be and whatever other information you want.

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1 years ago

My daughters and I had a nice morning with Teri. We learned a lot and saw many interesting things.



1 years ago

She is a wonderful guru. She knows a lot of stuff and you can feel that she does what she loves! She spends a lot of time with you and shares her passion! We recommend her walk!

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Response from Tery:

Thank you ,my dear .Was a great experience. I really enjoyed our walk, too.


2 years ago

Excellent tour. Learned so mach about Athens. I recommend