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I'm 20 years old and I'm a student in the city of A Coruña. A city where I have lived all my life and, of course, has no secrets for me. I consider myself a funny and kind person. I like meeting new people and learning new cultures. I love discovering the legends and past events that happened in places with a lot of history. Besides Spanish, I have knowledge of English (I speak it fluently) and I know a little French. In addition to living in A Coruña, I have knowledge at the native level of Galician. A language that is only spoken in this region of Spain, Galicia, and that has a certain resemblance to Portuguese.

In my tours I'll talk about the legends and stories of each place we visit.

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7 days ago

She doesn't have a lot of experience and her English is quite poor, but she is nice and she tried her best.



14 days ago

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Response from Sara:

Thank you so much and nice to meet you!! =D


28 days ago

Very nice Tour!

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Response from Sara:

Thank you so much! :)