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In love with Brazil since 1990, specialized in architecture, urbanism, history and fine arts, passionate about Curitiba and its magnificent parks, its people come from around the world, its history of diversity and commitment to eco-social. I am official state tourism guide

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2 months ago

Disfrutamos de una tarde muy interesante de la mano de Jordi quien nos compartió los secretos de la ciudad de Curitiba con gran profesionalismo. Fue muy divertido el paseo y aprendimos sobre la riqueza arquitectónica y cultural de esta increíble ciudad de vanguardia. Un placer y seguramente intentaremos hacer otro Tour con Jordi!!!


Iosu Benito

2 months ago



3 months ago

Very interesting walk, great guide!

With guide Jordi, my wife and I did the city walk about 'history, architecture and urbanism'. From his background as an architect and his interest in the history of the city, he knows a lot about striking things in terms of buildings, the development of the city and the residents. In this way you learn much more about a city than from a tourist booklet.

Jordi speaks English very well. Because of his European background, he can make many comparisons with the history of architecture in Europe and developments in both continents. And with all this: it is a pleasant person, who does not tell a standard story, but really answers to our questions and our interests.

Highly recommended !!