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I am Michael Shen, and I was born in Shanghai where I finished my college, but I grew up in Hangzhou. My major is in public management and I have learned English as my 2nd language. Traveling is my favorite thing, and I have already visited up to 65 countries, 400 cities and many attractions, so this experience has let me known what the travelers need and how to help them, while exchanging and sharing traveling ideas with them about transportation, accommodation, food, local culture and history etc.

This is my main purpose to be a Guru, I think. To be a native free tour lecturer and guide, I and my team would like to do our best and go as far as we can. So let's go!

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Wolfgang 04/02/2020

This was a great tour. Michael explained no only what you see, but also the story behind. Very interesting with an insight in Hangzhou rich history and tradition.

Response from Michael
So grateful of your understanding and support,and I hope to host you next tour sooner!
Stine 03/22/2020

It was amazing :) showed us around, and was a fountain of knowledge

Response from Michael
Thank you so much,Stine.Your encourgement is the fountain of my going as well
Stine 03/16/2020

Michael is a Great person, and i will book him again when i get the opportunity :)

Response from Michael
Thanks for your comments,Stine.Hope to see you asap.
Agapera 12/22/2019

Response from Michael
Thanks so much for your kind comment,Agapera.Hope to see you again.

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