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Juan Carlos

My name is Juan Carlos I am a Tourist Guide in commune 13, and I am an architect, and as an architect I participated in the construction of the Escaleras Eléctricas mobility project, and with my family who have lived all their lives in commune 13 and are guides, we are focused on making the transformation project known, through culture and art and showing the entire world the largest urban art gallery in Colombia, and telling all the stories and experiences of a community burdened by war and today an entrepreneurial community and world example of innovation.

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06 Jul 2022 Philadelphia
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Travelled in group - Jul 2022

Juan Carlos was not the guide; he is more an administrator for a team of guides. We used zippy tours. Wasn’t expecting the transformation of the comuna to be so total- It seemed to be a thriving bustling community. Interesting insights into the violent groups thst took over barrio life.

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Good morning.... I am not an administrator of guides, I am a tourist guide and I form a group of local guides to my enterprise. We also give work and formalize local guides. As I told you, we manage two types of tours, one freewalking tour and one private, likewise we have formed an alliance between several companies called THE TOURISM NETWORK OF THE COMMUNITY 13 which we help in a community way under a social system to improve the community 13 therefore we help each other.

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