Walking Poland

Walking Poland Group was founded in Warsaw in 2017 by Antoni, a licensed city guide and travel-loving explorer. Before it started, Antoni occasionally led small groups. It was all supposed to be just a kind of hobby.

But over time, there were so many groups and individual tourists that the hobby became a profession and the profession became a vocation.

After founding the company, slowly but steadily a website was created with the collected insider knowledge and experiences that he wanted to share with the whole world. In the beginning, it was only German-speaking guests, as Antoni grew up in Germany. His birthplace, however, is in Poland.

So the next step was no longer so difficult. The tours have also been offered in English since 2019. Expanding the offer to cities like Krakow and Gdansk was only a matter of time. Outside of Warsaw, Walking Poland works with local city guides. But even here it happens that Antoni doesn't miss the chance to impart his knowledge elsewhere.

Walking Poland's mission is clear: to give guests from all over the world a sense of belonging to the city. We want the guests to feel at home. To achieve this, it is necessary to modernise the old tourism school. Guiding 2.0 does not make facts, figures and names disappear; rather, the information is explained in a tourist-friendly way. It is important to us that something stays in the mind and that the guest, after arriving back home, continues to discover Warsaw, even from a distance. Ideally, he will come back and set off with us again, then to lesser-known corners of the city.