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We are a small local based tour guide company and always keep the group size small so you can fully engage with the guide, also part of gratuities given by you to help the homeless in London.

Our ethos of friendly approach with a unique balance of history, culture and controversy.

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17 days ago

We had a really great time during the walking tour. We would definitely do it again! :)



17 days ago

I really do love these free walking tours that have sprung up around Europe—it gives you a wonderful range of people who love their city and hope to share their unique perspective with you. Ash is definitely in the very top range of tour guides I've had—I hate to say he's only #3, but the two ahead of him we're beyond compare.

Thank you very much Ash!


Ana Guedes

22 days ago

Ash was a lovely guide tour. Unfortunately, 12 of 14 people unbooked the tour and my colleague had an awesome private tour! Ash feels London like no one else and we were so glad to hear all he had to say. The beautiful side of speaking with heart is that the others who are listening to keep the storytelling forever. We hope see you again :)

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Response from Ash:

Hi Ana, an absolute pleasure showing you my home town. And thank you so much for the lovely comments. Kind regards Ash