About Angela

Hello, nice to know you. I am Angela Testagrossa, a 21 years old Italian girl. I was born in Chieti (center of Italy), and I lived ther since my 19’s birthday. At the same age, I decided to transfer alone to the North of Italy, in Reggio Emilia, discovering the so much studied World.

I started to travel since I was a baby, with my lorry driver dad. We saw different part of Italy, and after I started to travel alone.

During my High School studies, I studied english and spanish, and their culture’s, their art’s. I also studied Italian art and history, geography and a little bit of economy.

My dream is to discover all the parts of the world, so travel and let other people share my happiness, my knowledges. I really believe in the power of Culture and it always affashineted me. I agree with Amedeo’s word,: Poetry, Beauty and Life are the keys the antice Rome.

Just let me know what do you think about my text.

See you soon, Angela. :)

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