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I live in the city of Quito and in addition to making tours within the capital I love to explore the diverse nature of Ecuador, taste typical dishes of each place, learn about its history, customs and create unforgettable experiences.

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Elpidio Rafanan about 7 hours

Johan resurrected Old Quito with his extensive knowledge of history, culture and architectural styles.

Gabriel Oyague about 7 hours


Stephen C DeJoy about 4 hours

Linda about 2 hours

Johan has an amazing amount of knowledge! He was engaging to speak with and kept the tour moving at a good pace. I highly recommend him

Johanna Boada about 1 month

El tour por Quito fue muy completo, Johan domina muy bien la información histórica y hace énfasis en datos muy interesantes como leyendas y monumentos. Definitivamente recomendado.

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