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Ellen 29 Jan 2022

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Viaggiato da solo - Jan 2022
This was an excellent walking tour, with lots of local expertise, information and history provided by Siham. It was really fun and I learned so much about Doha and Qatar as well as the Souq Waqif. He offered to drive me to and from my hotel as well which was a bonus! Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Doha. Thank you :)
Il free walking tour "Incontra Doha"
Jennifer 03 Jan 2022

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Viaggiato da solo - Dec 2021
Siham was both a professional and personable guru who showed various locations around old town Doha. Though not a native, he had great insight into the culture and traditions of Qatar. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour in the Soug Waqif.
Il free walking tour "Incontra Doha"
Floyd 11 Dec 2021
Highlands Ranch

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Dec 2021
I have to say I was very pleased. We have been on dozens of these tours and this may be the best we have ever had. Siham had an amazing grasp of Qatari culture and the inquisitiveness to have asked all the questions of Qataris we might have been afraid to ask. He was from Sri Lanka, and spoke almost flawless American English. But he had lived for 13 years in Qatar and was able to show us the interesting differences in Qatari culture, and there were a lot. He had a great love the country and was able to show and explain why many things existed in Qatari culture. Without his fascinating guidance, we would have missed out on 90% of what we were seeing. His 2.5 hour tour was great, and we felt extremely well prepared to spend the rest of the day on our own. Meeting him was easy using Uber and Whatsup. He usually does ONLY private tours, charging much more than the charge on a typical GuruWalk, but was willing to accommodate us for only $50, since tourism has been slow. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Floyd Russak MD
Il free walking tour "Incontra Doha"
Marco 29 Nov 2021

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Viaggiato da solo - Nov 2021
Siham was enthusiastic to show not only Doha as city but also sharing about historical background, cultural aspects, etc, etc. I’m glad to have been taken the tour with him.
Il free walking tour "Incontra Doha"
Tatianna 14 Nov 2021

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Viaggiato in coppia - Nov 2021
One of the best guides I have had. He took us to spots that we would never have found on our own. Answered all questions honestly and made for a fun day. Highly recommend. Be generous!
Il free walking tour "Incontra Doha"
Sam 12 Nov 2021

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Viaggiato da solo - Nov 2021
Sihan is very experienced and knowledgeable. He is friendly and rapports well with the local community when going around the tour. I would recommend him highly
Il free walking tour "Incontra Doha"

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