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Ciao, mi chiamo Haktan. Sono conosciuto per i miei pantaloni colorati e i tour vivaci. Sono una guida turistica autorizzata innamorata di Istanbul! Ti porterò in alcuni luoghi conosciuti e ti racconterò le loro storie non così famose :)

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Ratings (25)

Paula 25/09/2021

This tour was perfect. Haktan is very knowledgeable (he teaches about Istanbul at the local uni) and he not only shows you the most authentic corners in the bazaar but he also provides a welcoming experience to the local culture.

María 19/09/2021

Erika 05/09/2021

200% satisfied! Not just professional, he knows EVERYTHING! It is my second tour and it is amazing the amount of details, information and curiosities he can explain you and the places you would never find without his tour!

Erika 20/08/2021

Oceane 17/08/2021

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Ratings (25)