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Se stai cercando un tour gratuito a Vienna, perché non scegliere il meglio? Noi di Good Vienna Tours siamo tutti guide autorizzate, che hanno saputo trasformare il loro hobby e la loro passione in una professione. E puoi sentirlo! Se vuoi vivere un tour divertente e coinvolgente, sei nel posto giusto! Tutti i giorni alle 10 e alle 14, cerca l'ombrello verde! Arrivederci!

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Ratings (892)

Ana 16/01/2022

I really enjoyed the free tour. The tour guide had a clear English accent that it was easy to understand everything he said even if English is not your native language. At the end of the tour, you will know tips, curiosities and the best places in Vienna. I totally recommend it.

tal weiler 13/01/2022

The tour was cancelled, but we didn't get any notification about that.. Only when we got there, the guide told us about the cancellation and apologized.

Robin 12/01/2022

The tour was okay for a beginner introduction to Vienna. It doesn’t cover much in the way of the music history of the city.

shai 11/01/2022

Jasmin 11/01/2022

Eddie was knowledgeable and a great local guide. Would highly recommend.

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Ratings (892)