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Noi, il team di Explorers di Cracovia, ti sfidiamo ad unirti ai nostri tour su misura per le persone che vogliono sperimentare escursioni di alta qualità. Il nostro team è composto da guide autorizzate, storici e archeologi professionisti che conoscono tutti gli imbroglioni dell'ex capitale polacca. Il nostro obiettivo è far innamorare ogni persona, che mette piede a Cracovia, in questa città.

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18 Jul 2024 Bielsko-biala
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We were disappointed and left early as the tour wasn't very informative or engaging. Felt like a waste of time. There was no connection with the group either, tour just abruptly started and each stop didn't really follow a theme or storyline. Guide appeared uncomfortably shy and would then rush ahead without engaging. It was hard to follow timelines and there was a lack of information. Guide was hard to listen to as well as she took a long time to get to a point, seemed uncomfortably shy and every few words was filled with an "uhhh" — which was very distracting. Perhaps it was the guide's first time leading a tour but we were not impressed as Krakow has amazing history and folklore that we were looking forward to learning and felt that we missed out on an opportunity to really learn as it was our only day here.

18 Jul 2024 Kielce
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18 Jul 2024 Salonicco
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18 Jul 2024
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Viaggiato in coppia - Jul 2024

This is a tour you cannot miss! Thank you to Bart for sharing your passion of history and educating us on key historic events.

17 Jul 2024 Soria
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Viaggiato in coppia - Mar 2024

Mariano un guía excepcional!! Nos guío en todo y nos dio buenos consejos ..muy entretenido

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