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Sono un giornalista free lance, un musicista e una guida turistica e, soprattutto, sono un vero veneziano, nato e cresciuto in città. Mi piace piuttosto condividere con passione la mia conoscenza di questa città unica.

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Nina 24/09/2021

Sandra 24/09/2021

Mille grazie, Andrea! It was a real pleasure to join your tour!

Sohini 24/09/2021

Blindly book for this tour with Andrea - if you're in Venice and want to see the beautiful city from the eyes of a Venetian. He will guide you through the tour, take you through some beautiful places and most importantly, tell you stories that you would not easily get from a Google search. He ends the tour by handing out a map of the places you saw - making it easier for you to retrace your steps and go back to seeing some of the places you already crossed.

Risposta di Andrea:
Thank you Sohini. In glad you appreciated the tour and my gift
Julia 24/09/2021

Risposta di Andrea:
Thank you
Phil 23/09/2021

Venice is an open museum where every little corner of the city has a story. This tour covers some history that you would not find with a google search ... at least not in the first ten pages. Thank you, it was amazing!

Risposta di Andrea:
Thank you Phil I'm on page eleven 😎

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