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I'm a free lance journalist, a musician and a tour guide and, above all, I'm a real Venetian, born and raised in the city. I like than to share with passion my knowledge of this unique city.

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Marco 09/27/2021

Ismay 09/27/2021

Nina 09/24/2021

Sandra 09/24/2021

Mille grazie, Andrea! It was a real pleasure to join your tour!

Sohini 09/24/2021

Blindly book for this tour with Andrea - if you're in Venice and want to see the beautiful city from the eyes of a Venetian. He will guide you through the tour, take you through some beautiful places and most importantly, tell you stories that you would not easily get from a Google search. He ends the tour by handing out a map of the places you saw - making it easier for you to retrace your steps and go back to seeing some of the places you already crossed.

Response from Andrea
Thank you Sohini. In glad you appreciated the tour and my gift

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