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Ciao camminatori! ! Mi chiamo Klaudia, GUIDA CERTIFICATA dall'Istituto del Turismo del Guatemala. Sono guatemalteco e mi piace condividere la ricchezza culturale e naturale del mio paese. Mi piace anche incontrare persone provenienti da culture e/o paesi diversi, scambiare conoscenze ed esperienze con viaggiatori provenienti da tutto il mondo! Se vuoi conoscere un po' la mia cultura e condividere parte della tua, questo tour è la soluzione migliore!

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(1 Rating) Londra
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Viaggiato da solo - Jul 2024

Hi all. Unfortunately the style of this tour did not fit my preference and therefore I left 10 minutes early. Please keep this in mind. And also one person’s review does not dictate the whole tour. The tour guide’s style was not to tell us about the city, but more to have us answer questions about the city. As someone who has never been to Guatemala, I did not know anything and found the style awkward, slow and slightly patronising. I personally don’t attend a tour to try to guess the correct answers, but to be told them.

(1 Rating) Vienna
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Viaggiato in coppia - Jul 2024

The tour was perfect for the first day in Antigua! You get a good overview of the city and Klaudia also gives a good insight into the cultural and political background. The really small group size was also pleasant. I would definitely recommend the tour.

(2 Ratings) San Francisco
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Viaggiato in coppia - Jun 2024

Klaudia was a wonderful guide who provided a fantastic overview of Antigua on our first day in town. She was really enthusiastic and provided so much interesting information about Guatemalan culture and history. She brought us to some great places of interest. A highlight was learning about the Iglesia de la Merced and the local food in the surrounding market. Would highly recommend Klaudia and this tour!

(7 Ratings) San Francisco
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Viaggiato da solo - Jul 2024

Great intro tour - super fun to learn more about Guatemalan culture and a bit about Antigua and different historical sites! The guide is so sweet and very knowledgable

(1 Rating) Hobart
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Viaggiato da solo - Jun 2024

A great tour for my first day in Antigua. Saw many of the beautiful churches and learned about food and culture. Helped me get my bearings! Thanks, Klaudia!

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