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HK Free Walk (licensed agent)

We are the professional leading free tour in Hong Kong - HK Free Walk. No need to pay our free tours. Feel free to tips us by how you feel the tour.

We hope that offer you a great

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Ratings (21)

Ranee 20/01/2021

The tour is very relaxing, and I still missed hong kong so much. Guides are very informative. I hope to go back one day

Ranee 20/01/2021

The tour is very interesting. Is very insightful of hong kong. Let us understand what happen right now in the city l. Is very inspiring

Mark Lau 14/01/2021

Good to know more hong kong landmarks. Hong Kong is lovely city and guide give us lots of memory and fun in the tour time. Highly recommend!!

Mark G 14/01/2021

The tour is very high standard. All guides are professional and having license. Other cencern is that this is a real free tour. You really can tip by how how you feel tour the tour. This free tour company is my first choice

Gerge 12/01/2021

Matt is helpful, smart and very charming. He always draw our attention and keep us conetrated. He will use present with I pad too. You will feel that the tour is so manageable and quite organized. First choice of free tour for me in Hong Kong

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Ratings (21)