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Vanessa 06 Feb 2024

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Viaggiato in coppia - Feb 2024
It was so nice to join this tour with Helma! It was a great introduction to Nijmegen, with a very complete and surprising route. I was amazed with lots of hidden details everywhere we walked. She was really nice and funny and you can tell she's passionate about the city's history. Totally recommend!
Centro storico di Nijmegen
Maria 04 Feb 2024

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Viaggiato da solo - Feb 2024
It was great!! I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot!
Centro storico di Nijmegen
ĐÎ»Î­ÎŸÎčÎżÏ‚ 20 Nov 2023

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Viaggiato da solo - Nov 2023
Super! My mind was thrilled by Helma's knowledge of town's history!
Centro storico di Nijmegen
Robert 18 Nov 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Nov 2023
Great experience!
Centro storico di Nijmegen
Kapil 31 Oct 2023

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Oct 2023
good knowldege of Nijgemen
Centro storico di Nijmegen
MencĂ­a 27 Aug 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Aug 2023
Great tour and super helpful tour guide, we had a great time with Helma
Centro storico di Nijmegen
Toño 12 Aug 2023

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Viaggiato in famiglia - Aug 2023
Un tour muy agradable y con buenas historias para conocer Nijmegen.
Centro storico di Nijmegen
Esther 24 Jul 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Jul 2023
Very interesting tour, not only the usual spots, but also surprising (and interesting) locations. Well speaking tour guide, who really loves the city and enthusiastically speaks about his history and developments.
Centro storico di Nijmegen
Param 08 Jul 2023

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Viaggiato da solo - Jul 2023
I loved the historic tour of Nijmegen with Helma. She knew a lot about the city being a native resident and that helped explore places and facts I would have missed walking across the streets all by myself. Fully recommended for ones who visit the first time or even for people in Nijemegen..I am sure there will be surprises awaiting you!!!
Centro storico di Nijmegen

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