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About Munich

Within Germany there are a large number of high quality tourist destinations, totally recommended for those visitors who want to discover the purest German essence. The capital of Bavaria is a clear example of this, a city where tradition, culture and the best of environments come together to offer a unique experience. An enclave north of the Alps that means "in the place of the monks", in reference to the monacal settlement of the early tenth century. To speak of Munich is to refer to the most typical German customs, such as its exceptional beer and exquisite cuisine that have their maximum representation in Oktoberfest. In this city the breweries -The mythical Hofbräuhaus-, the monuments, the architecture and the culture help to form a really enviable tourist offer. Next to a tasty gastronomy such as the "Kartoffelsalat" potato salad or the "Dampfnudeln" fritters or the typical "Weisswurst" white sausages.

This town is one of the most important destinations in the country, both for its important weight in the German economy, and for the wide cultural and leisure offer that is in it throughout the year. The best way to tour the city is to sign up for a free walking tour in Munich, an excellent opportunity to make the most of your stay in this beautiful town, where you can see such important places as your center "Marienplatz" typical meeting point. Other essential places to see are the new town hall “Neues Rathaus” or the Odeon Square “Odeonsplatz”, as well as the Cathedral of Our Lady in Munich.

Museum lovers have the "Deutsches Museum", the Old Pinacoteca, the Gliptoteca or the Brandhorst Museum, an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the city's wide cultural offer. Other recommended visits are the beautiful “Karlsplatz” building, as well as its lively and colorful “Viktualienmarkt” market, as well as the impressive Nymphenburg Palace, of great beauty and charm. Given the immensity of this German city, it is important to concentrate the visit on the most interesting and tourist points. In this way the free tour in Munich is the best way to approach the most important, the most recommended and essential places to this beautiful Teutonic city. Other destinations where you can also find free paid guided tours with local guides are Berlin, Cologne or Dresden.

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