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As it is the capital of the autonomous region of Extremadura in Spain, Mérida is a historic city that is full of interesting things for you to discover. Known for its well-preserved Roman archeological sites, the western Spanish locality is constantly listed as one of the most popular domestic travel destinations exactly because of these jaw-dropping monuments that let you step back in time. Try meeting up with a local guide from GuruWalk if you want to get the most out of your trip there and also get some great recommendations on what to see and eat after you finished touring the landmarks. 

If you want to discover all the history and culture of Merida, a free walking tour with a local guide is one of the best ways. Get their knowledge of the city from your first day and avoid the typical tourist traps. In Merida, you can choose one that will take you to see its most popular places and some hidden gems like The Roman Theater, Los Milagros Aqueduct, Bridge, Amphitheater, and the preserved House beside it which will let you bask in the city’s unique heritage. After you could stroll by the España Square, the House of Mitreo, see the Alcazaba fort, The Temple of Diana or The Entrance to the Roman Forum to complete your trip. 

All of the tours have been reviewed and rated by other walkers like you. This way, you can read what other people had to say about both the route and the guide and choose the one that is most interesting for you. Choose from the languages, and book your tour for the morning, afternoon, or evening. Other cities that may be of interest for you to visit and get to know are Lisbon, Huelva, or Avila. 

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