Tips for new guides
Tips to help you get great ratings.

How to be an awesome guide

Learn from others.
Do some free tours with other experienced guides, in your city, or wherever you travel. You will certainly discover many secrets and tricks that may surprise you. Pay attention to how they speak, how they express themselves, how they make jokes, etc. And also how travelers react, what they like the most, or if they get bored at some point.
Post your tour on your facebook wall and encourage your friends to try doing a guruwalk with you. After that, they will be able to write reviews for you, what will make other people trust you as a guide, and book your tour.

How to earn more money

  • At the begining, explain the concept of pay-what-you-wish tour, where customers pay at the end what they consider fair, or the amount they can afford. Most of the people know this, but better to be sure. If they ask, make it clear that nobody else pays you for that, it is your formal job, and you live thanks to the donations you get from travelers..
  • The duration of the tour should be between 2 and 3 hours. Longer than that could get boring. You can explain at the begining how long it will take, so travelers could make an initial idea. It could also be useful to tell which places you are going to visit, and save something as a final surprise, for keeping the tension until the end.
  • Increase the group size. You could be there 15-30 minutes before and try to recruit other travelers. Wearing a flashy t-shirt with the words “free tour” could also make other people to approach you and join the group. If you want to include the GuruWalk logo in your t-shirt, you can ask us for it, and we will send it to you.
  • Connect with your audience. While you will be explaining something, give your back to the buildings and face the people that listen to you. This is a really common mistake in beginners that causes a lack of connection and lose the attention from the story. You can also start conversations with some people from the group while walking to your next destination. That could increase the payments too.
  • Practice a great closing. A crafted and well practiced ending could be the key for a big final applause, and bigger incomes. Recap the most remarkable points of the tour, do it emotional, and say thanks for sharing their time with you. Say that you will stay there for answering any questions and give other tips about the city, but ask them to wait a few minutes for attending first the donations.

How to get more bookings

  • Promote your tour. You can publish your guruwalk in social media and online comminities for travelers. The thing that works better for our users is creating an event in Couchsurfing that repeats itself every week. You can explain the tour briefly and include the URL of your guruwalk, so people will be able to make the bookings correctly. Other sites where you can publish your guruwalk are Tripadvisor, Meetup, Yelp, Facebook events, or whatever comes to your mind.
  • Ask for reviews. When somebody books your tour tour through GuruWalk we send them a couple of emails asking for writing a review about it. The more and better reviews you have, more people will choose your tour instead of the others.
  • Third party ads. The mission of GuruWalk is allowing people with few resources to becoming free tour guides, and earn money with it. But, if this is not your case, and you could allow the investment, maybe you would like to create a Google Adwords campaign and get more booking for your tour. This decision is up to you.

Improve your profile

Adding a personal picture to your profile will increase the travelers trust, which will grow the number of bookings you get. Furthermore, it will be easier for them to recognize you and find you at the meeting point.

Share your guruwalk

Ask to your friends to spread the word and invite them to do it with you. They will be your best mentors, will help you to improve as a guide and write your first tour reviews.