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About the guru Free Tour Florence

Florence is one of Europe’s most important tourist destinations and it can be very difficult to visit it without a local guide who will help you to find your way there. Free Tour Florence team supports sustainable tourism idea and we want to introduce you to the less known parts of the city, to tell you something you’d never find on common travel books. Our purpose is to s... More »

Florence is one of Europe’s most important tourist destinations and it can be very difficult to visit it without a local guide who will help you to find your way there. Free Tour Florence team supports sustainable tourism idea and we want to introduce you to the less known parts of the city, to tell you something you’d never find on common travel books. Our purpose is to show you this amazing city through the eyes of an insider and to help you to live it as a local does! So why we don’t go to Piazza del Duomo or to the Ponte Vecchio? Because we want to show you Another Florence 1. We want you to see more than the 90% of people visiting Florence will see. Free Tour Florence is for travellers, not for tourists! 2. You don’t need us to go to these areas, there are many indications all over Florence and you can find plenty of information online. 3. Most guided tours will take you there but we are different and we want to show you a different side of Florence. 4. Since we want to provide you the highest quality tour, we don’t go to Piazza del Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio because they become extremely crowded and loud during the day and it would be extremely difficult to hear and follow the guide.

About the tour

Our free walking tour of Florence starts in the middle of piazza S.Maria Novella; the tour will be guided in english. After the introduction we will talk about the history of Florence, just in front of the church of S.Maria Novella and after that we will walk to Piazza Antinori, to show some example of buildings of the XIX century, when Florence was the capital of Italy. Then we will reach piazza della Repubblica, that has been completely renovated in the XIX century but during the age of the roman empire was the market place of the city. Walking through via Calzaiuoli we will reach Orsanmichele. This church was originally built in 1337 as a grain market, then it was converted into a church used as the chapel of Florence’s powerful craft and trade guilds. After that we will arrive in piazza del Mercato Nuovo, a covered market, where its biggest attraction is the Fontana del Porcellino (Piglet Fountain), rubbing the animal’s nose would ensure you to return to Florence. We will reach Piazza della Signoria, the best place to show the power of the Florentine Republic. There we will talk about Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of the city and the gallery of statues in the adjacent Loggia dei Lanzi that is one of the most significant public places in Italy. At this point of the tour there will be a break in a special place where people can taste some genuine products typical from Florence and Tuscany. A very important part of our tours is talking about the concept of sustainable tourism so we will give some pieces of advice about shops and restaurants, for example, how to recognize local places in Florence or how to avoid touristic shops. Through the old streets of Florence, we will finally reach Piazza Santa Croce where we will talk about the Basilica of Santa Croce that overlooks the square together with a marble statue named Monument to Dante. The tour ends here.

Duration : 2,5h

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How to find me: In the middle of the square, between the two columns

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Ratings (34)



2 days ago

Very informative - the whole family had a fantastic time !!!! 5 stars from the hayfields !



4 days ago

Nice tour! a lot of information about the town and its inhabitants in the past and today. recomandable!


Monica Arias

9 days ago


Laurel Hays

10 days ago

This is a tour off the beaten path of florence. natalie was great and knowledgeable, and her style was to quizze the group alot. we learned alot of interesting facts and saw some interesting sights. i didn't like that they tell you at the beginning of the free walking tour that a normal walk would cost at least €20-€25 per person, making us feel guilty about our tip amount for our group of 5.


Aditya Pradeep

11 days ago

Eleonora was an absolutely wonderful guide. as a local, she really wanted us to see her side of the city of florence and not the touristy side which we generally see. we visited many places off the beaten path and she gave us amazing recommendations as well.

highly recommend this tour as it shows a very different side of florence! thank you eleonora for the wonderful tour!



12 days ago

Maybe a little less time spent on the history but otherwise loved it. got some good ideas on what touristy stuff to avoid and still enjoy florence. thanks!



12 days ago

Our tour guide is fantastic. her name is natalia. she gave us a wonderful tour my kids and me learn so much from her. thank you natalia



13 days ago

Natalia was a great tour guide. she is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and had many "insider" tips to share. i would highly recommend this tour.



15 days ago

The tour was excellent. julia was lovely with just the right amount of facts, history & humour. saw many sights we would not have found on our own.



17 days ago

Ludi was on time and very friendly. she speaks very good english and made sure everyone can hear her. the pace of walk and level of information was perfect for a quick and interesting introduction of the history and highlights of florence. she also provided tips on places to eat or get drinks.



21 days ago

The guide, natalia was so personable and friendly. she guided us around the highlights of serveral piazzas, churches, the uffizi, the copy of the david, among other things for several hours. she infused the tour with architecture and history, the medici family and kept reviewing to see if we caught on to the information presented. totally enjoyable. we all received maps with recommendations of places to try. i had gelato at la cantina del gelato across the river. happy i joined the tour.


César García

25 days ago



27 days ago

Our guide ludi new a lot about the city and the different buildings we saw on the tour. i can definitely recommend it to others.



28 days ago

My friend and i took the tour with alice this morning and we both really enjoy it. alice told us some really interesting facts about about florence and both it's origins and development through the ages. she also led us through some sites that are a little off the beaten tourist track and we really appreciated this. we got some great top about florence and will definitely help us to enjoy our stay even more than we first anticipated. i would definitely recommend this tour if you want some insider information on florence.



29 days ago

Eleonora, our guide, was truly fantastic, very knowledgeable and passionate about her city, would recommend this tour to anyone who wants an insight into a different firenze, we give her 5 stars! sally and tisch from uk



30 days ago

Natalia was a great guide


Elise hajjar

30 days ago

Dasha was very nice and very informative. the tour was packed with info. i just wish we had earpieces to hear everything cause plenty of noise outside. the group was small around 10. thank you dasha!



1 month ago

Loved this tour. highly recommend. alice our tour guide was so sweet and knowledgeable and gave good local tips of where to go and eat. definitely try this walking tour on your first day in the city.



1 month ago

Giulia was a terrific guide. she was very informative and knew the city very well. she gave very good recommendations!!! we would gladly join a another tour lead by her!!!



1 month ago

Giulia speaks english very good which makes such a big difference ! she knows a lot about the city, she recommended us great ice cream shops and restaurants ! she is definitely the best guide we had in florence



1 month ago

Great tour! very informative and interesting. thank you natalia for explaining everything.



1 month ago

Julia was great. very engaging and gave lots of recommendations and tips for my stay in florence. it was a very hot day so found the shade as much as possible. very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. a definite recommendation to join this tour ( preferably with julia) on first day in florence



2 months ago



2 months ago

Our guide ludi knew everything! it was such an interesting tour and all our questions got answered. we liked as wel that the tour didn’t just cover the main sights in town, but also interesting historical facts about places situated in side streets. highly recommended!



2 months ago

Ludy our guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. we had a great time learning about florence. this tour made our daytrip worth it!



2 months ago

Alice was a great tour guide and knew a lot about florence. she took us to places that aren’t on the usual tourist trail and gave us great tips on how best to enjoy florence. would definitely recommend. thanks alice!


Danwin Salvador

2 months ago

Giulia was professional, insightful and very friendly. enjoyed her engaging tour and stories.



2 months ago

Great tour, especially our guide alice, a native florencian who really made it super good.



2 months ago

Alice was a great tour guide, with knowledge of history, and took us also off the beaten track



2 months ago

Great tour fun and informative



2 months ago



3 months ago



3 months ago

Nice tour. recommended as a first activity as soon as you arrive to florence



3 months ago

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