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Best Walking Tours in the World!

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Come with us and venture into London’s trendy East End and learn about its history as you try some of the delicious food it has to offer, each bite representative of one of the communities that migrated to London and ended up living ‘beyond the wall’. Enjoy a food tour like no other, in which its up to you how much you eat and how much you spend. On our Free East End Food Tour you wont have to pay a very expensive ticket and be given food that you may not want, you decide according to your hunger and your budget!

Enjoy London’s favorite chips according to Time Out magazine as you hear the stories about the Irish who had to flee their country during the potato famine and who ended up in the East End building canals and railways. Try a delicious salted beef bagel and learn about the different arrivals of Jewish people who had to escape persecution from Eastern Europe throughout the 19th century.


On our Free East End Food Tour you decide how much you eat and how much you spend. Forget about paying £60 to £80 for a food tour ticket and being given food that you may not like or are unable to eat because of dietary restrictions. You decide what you eat with the help of our guides and if you get an item from each place it’ll only cost you around £15 to £20 in total, even less if you’re sharing! You are of course absolutely welcome to come along even if you don’t want to eat anything but want to learn about the area and London’s fascinating food culture.

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How to find me: Go to the meeting point and look for our guide carrying a Strawberry Umbrella.

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