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About the guru Eqbal

Hi, hello and kalimerra! My name is Eqbal Naseri and I am currently living in Athens, Greece! I am very passionate about this city and hope to show you all of the beautiful and amazing places around the city that has inspired me to become a tour guide. I hope you find the options below helpful when picking out which type of tour you would like to go on. If you have any oth... More »

Hi, hello and kalimerra! My name is Eqbal Naseri and I am currently living in Athens, Greece! I am very passionate about this city and hope to show you all of the beautiful and amazing places around the city that has inspired me to become a tour guide. I hope you find the options below helpful when picking out which type of tour you would like to go on. If you have any other questions about the city or my tours you can send me an email and I would love to answer any and all questions for you! *Please schedule the tour one day in advance to make sure i can give you a tour. This allows me to review my tour schedule and give you a response about the tour.9 thank you Tour start time and duration: • Monday- Friday: 6pm- 9pm and approximately 1-1.5 & 3 hours. • Saturday and Sunday: Anytime during the day and approximately 1-1.5 & 3 hours depending on what all you would like to see. The Amazing Tour (options) Option 1: We will go walk around The National Garden which is a public park covering about 38 acres. Inside you will find nice places to take a picnic, many monuments, statues, ponds and a few animals. Next, we will go to the highest point in Athens known as the Lykavittos Hill. This point is 277 meters above the city and offers a wonderful view for amazing photos! We will end the tour with watching the sunset and getting to take in all the beauty that Athens has to offer. The sunset part of the tour is usually the top favorite part of the tour. Option 2: We will go walk around The National Garden (much like option 1) and you can choose the duration of time you would like to spend there. Next, we will go see a museum, this doesn’t require any money, but you will learn some history and fun facts during this portion of the tour. Lastly, I will show you some of my favorite and more secret spots that not all tourists get to see while in Athens. Here you will be able to take great photos and watch the sunset. Option 3: We will go inside the Parthenon and Acropolis museum that you wish to see while here. This tour does require ticket purchase *. Option 4: We can go on a food tour around the city while seeing some amazing sites, street art and just touring the cultural neighborhoods of Greece. On this tour we can try food from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indian, Chinese, traditional Greek food and other bars. If you would like to mix it up or see something else just shoot me a message. I have done many tours more focused on different foods to try in Athens such as crepes, coffees, falafel, gyros and so much more! I have also given tours at the near beaches and know great spots to spend the day in the sun! *Note: Option 1&2 do not require any money but Option 3 requires the purchase of your ticket into the museums as well as my ticket. (usually about 20-30 euros per person depending on the season). Helpful Tips for Greece: From the airport you can either take the metro, bus or taxi. A great spot to tell the taxi is Syntagma which is near the center of Athens. • The taxi will cost you around 36 euros or 40 USD. This option is the fastest of course, but most expensive. • To take the metro you will need to purchase a temporary metro card from one of the machines. This will cost you about 10 euro into the city and takes roughly an hour depending on where you are going. • The last option is the bus X95 takes you to the city as well. The bus takes a longer time but is the least expensive option for around 6 euros. Grocery Stores: • AB, Lidl, OK! Anytime Markets, Bazaar Discount For accommodation and places to stay: Airbnb: there is many options to stay using Airbnb in Athens. Most places cost between 23-35 euros depending on the area. The Stanley Hotel: this option is more expensive but has many perks. You can find a standard hotel room for around 90 euros. This option is great is if you are looking for a rooftop pool with a wonderful view of Acropolis. This place also has a gym, sauna, rooftop restaurant, free buffet breakfast and is directly near a metro stop only one or two stops away from Monastraki station. There are many other hotels in Athens ranging from 35 -120 euros… even 600 euros if you want. Hostels: Acropolis View Dream Hostel, Athens Backpackers, Bedbox, Zorbas Hostel and Welcommon Hostel. Other islands to visit: Agistri Island- Just an hour and a half ferry ride away from Piraeus Port via many different ferry companies. This beautiful island has the most amazing beaches, places to grab lunch or dinner with a great view of the beach and many beautiful Greek hotels. On this island you can also go wild or free camping if you have your own tent. You can enter on two different ports and the main port Skala with many great places to stay and just a twenty-minute walk to the free camping area in Halikiada. Aegina island- about an hour and a half ferry ride away from Piraeus Port via many different ferry companies. This is a newer island opened to tourism and has many different restaurants and places to shop. This island offers different beaches to swim and different fun things to do like renting four wheelers and bikes. Moni- A smaller island just a small boat ride away from Aegina. This island is a little more quiet, full of dear and has amazing beaches. Santorini- The most beautiful and amazing island in Greece. This island is well known for their blue waters and beautiful white buildings. Food Tour: In Monastraki Coffee/Juice/Bars Fontana Living Well Store- perfect for fresh juice and coffee Tailor Made Microroastery- Trendy hangout for coffee/ tea and during the evening they have cocktails. Starbucks Six d.o.g.s – trendy place that hosts live music, art exhibitions and café/bar TAF_theartfoundation- great cocktails, coffee, art, music and little shop to buy local items cosy and casual night life. Coffee island 360 Cocktail bar- Great cocktails with an amazing view of the city. Cosy and casual night life scene. Gyros/ Falafels/ Quick bites Tzatziki- best gyros right in the center of Monastraki. Great price and great quality for take away. Falafellas- a quick bite/take away. Amazing falafels Sit Down Restaurants/Cafes Mama Roux- relaxed, hip café with an eclectic cuisine and has live music cocktails. Telaro- Breakfast spot. Cosy/ casual and unique spot in Athens Desserts Crepes- quick bite, near the Monastraki square and coffee island. (Emrou 80) Lukumades- traditional Greek twist of a delicious doughnuts. Honey and cinnamon is delicious! In Exarchia: Coffee/Juice/Cocktails Blue Bear -great coffee and cocktails Café Diplo- café, casual cozy place with great coffee and fresh juices HBBH coffee bar-cosy and casual, great coffee. Up- Kittariki Threpsi- great juice, vegan options and fresh salads. Gyros/Falafels/Quick Bites Microulee- great Chinese takeout! Ap-allou- cozy and casual. Great burritos, falafels and nice atmosphere for sit down or take away. Sit Down Restaurants/ Cafes Café diplo- Baguettes, salads and great breakfast options. Desserts I Cake You- fun coffee shop, great desserts and they have all your favorite cereal options. In Omonia: Coffee/Juice/Cocktails Beneths- clean and wonderful interior, great salads, pastries and ice cream. Great coffee and juice options as well. Casba- quick coffee option Coffee Berry- great coffee and good service. Gyros/Falafels/Quick Bites Beneths- pastries, cookies, ice cream, pizzas, sandwiches, bread, desserts. Desserts Many bakeries, pastry shops and places to grab something sweet. Thank you so much for inquiring! Again, if you need any information about the city, how to get here, about other beaches and things to do – just send me a message! Thank you so much and I look forward to exploring the beautiful city with you! -Eqbal

About the tour

My name is Eqbal and I have lived in Greece for two years. My free walking tour offers an amazing experience through our city. We are going to see the most beautiful places in Athens and learn the history of these fascinating places. My hope is to tell you about history of this amazing city and little culture and make good memories in Athens. If you are interested in a free and exciting look at Athens then contact me for information.


We provide seperate tours in: English, Farsi, Dari, Greek beginner

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How to find me: In front of metro station at syntama square.
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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1 years ago

Great tour! We really enjoyed the places that Eqbal showed to us. We had a tour to Plaka and around Acropolis.



1 years ago

this was a great tour that my friend and I went on many months back! Eqbal showed us some amazing spots around Athens and was flexible when we wanted to take our time at certain spots! I really enjoyed his knowledge of the city and his passion for Greek culture! Thanks Eqbal!



2 years ago

We were a large group that came to learn and see, we expected to hear about Athens and its historical roots ... but unfortunately the information received was limited, not interesting and caused the group to shorten the tour we planned to perform. Not recommended at all !!



2 years ago



2 years ago

The tour was amazing. Eqbal showed me the hotspots of Athens and tells a lot about everything. With his own routes to many places with special views on all the ancient buildings, he certainly gave a very special tour. Highly recommended!



2 years ago

Eqbal did not arrive to the meeting point as scheduled, so we couldn’t walk around the city with him. Very irresponsible.

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Response from Eqbal:

Hi Laura, I wanted to apologize for this confusion. As I mentioned in the notes, it is better to book my tour one day in advance so I can adequately schedule your tour. I give many tours throughout the day and in order to better schedule everyone it is best to schedule one day in advance so I can respond with confirmation. Once again, sorry for this confusion. I do hope that your time in Athens goes well. Cheers
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