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Best Walking Tours in the World!

Best Walking Tours in the World!

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Hear how the North of Amsterdam was the most severely bombed during WWII as the Nazis targeted all the factories in the area, however, tragically missing and causing over 150 civilian casualties. Discover the real story behind one of the most tragic victims of WWII, the Frank family. Learn the story of how they had to hide for over two years in a secret room concealed by a revolving book closet and how those terrible years affected the very numerous Jewish population of Amsterdam.

Try and understand the complex system which allows coffee shops to sell weed and hash, for even though the Dutch are well known for being very liberal and progressive when it comes to soft drugs, you might be surprised by the ambiguity of it all. Visit one of the most authentic farmer markets in town, the Noordmarkt, which originates from the 17th century and where you can find anything from delicious food produce to pottery, clothes or all sorts of curiosities. Last but not least try the best cookie in Amsterdam, no in Holland, no, in the world!

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