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Dubrovnik Early Bird City Tour

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About the guru Vlaho

Dear travelers, I welcome you to my hometown of Dubrovnik where I was born and raised. Let me tell you the history and the way of life as a local who has been living and working in the Old City for many years. Even in the hardest of times, during the recent Homeland War in Croatia, I was here, proudly defending the "Grad" and its people, as we, the locals call Dubrovnik wi... More »

Dear travelers, I welcome you to my hometown of Dubrovnik where I was born and raised. Let me tell you the history and the way of life as a local who has been living and working in the Old City for many years. Even in the hardest of times, during the recent Homeland War in Croatia, I was here, proudly defending the "Grad" and its people, as we, the locals call Dubrovnik with a capital G, meaning: „The City". As a fellow traveler who's traveled to every continent of the world, I know what it's like to be a tourist, so give me the opportunity and pleasure of meeting you and showing you this fascinating and enchanting Old City. As quoted by the famous Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw: "If you want to see heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik". I truly believe that being a local and having many years of experience working in tourism will guarantee you only the best of the service and pleasure during your visit. So, why not choose one of the offered tours and get to know the little hidden secrets only the natives know, that have made Dubrovnik a unique and very special world known city, called „The Pearl of the Adriatic". Be my guest, take a tour and explore the depths of Dubrovnik and its divine surrounding area, dive into the history, culture, gastronomy, language, nature, art, tradition, customs, …. and enrich your knowledge and return home with the desire of coming back again! Looking forward to meeting you. Vlaho

About the tour

DON'T BE BUNDLED IN A GROUP OF MANY AMONG MANY OTHER GROUPS IN THE OLD CITY! Join me before the crowds come rushing in from the cruise ships and take a walking tour through Dubrovnik’s beautiful Old City in the start of the day and visit the city’s major landmarks and hear about the history and the way of life in Dubrovnik through many centuries up to now! As you step through the gates of old city walls, you will be taking a step back in time, losing yourself in the grandeur and beauty of this culturally influential city.

Beginning at Pile Gate, at the western entrance to the Old City, you will be guided to Dubrovnik’s most significant historical landmarks (we won't enter any churches or museums). See: Pile Gate, Cove of Kolorina, Onofrio’s Fountains, Orlando’s Column, Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace, Stradun (the main street), The Cathedral, Church of St. Blaise, The Wide Street, Square of Ivan Gundulić, some locations were recent popular movies were filmed, like the Game of Thrones and much more. Take in the beautiful sights, and listen to stories and remarkable facts through the many centuries of Dubrovnik’s dramatic history, including the recent past during the Homeland War. The tour ends in the Luža Square (the main city square).

Meeting point
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How to find me: Meeting point is in front (NOT INSIDE) of the restaurant Nautika by the big plane tree.
Tour duration: 2 hours

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Reservations in advance are mandatory because if the 'guru' doesn't see any bookings one day, she will not show up at the meeting point. Or if she has too many 'walkers' that day, won't allow you to join without the reservation. Booking is completely free, fast and easy. Book your guruwalk now!

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1 month ago

Vlaho kindly agreed to an early bird tour on Friday when I inquired. He usually offers this tour on Wednesday’s but we were only in town from Thursday till Saturday. Our family highly recommends Vlaho. He is so knowledgeable and we all learned so much about Dubrovnik. He also pointed out some places to have gelato, a coffee with locals, etc. I especially love that we did the tour at 7:00, before the hordes of other groups. Thank you so much Vlaho.



2 months ago

Very informative tour. Vlaho is quite knowledgable and knows the city well. There were no other people for the tour, but he was kind enough to take just our family. He has a subtle sense of humour that we could relate to and enjoyed. One bonus for us was his knowledge of Game Of Thrones locations. Unfortunately, our planned tour of Game of Thrones locations got cancelled, but Vlaho pointed out most spots in the tour, so we were happy :)


Response from Vlaho:

Dear Shaguna, Thank you for the very good grades. I'm glad you enjoyed your "private free walking tour"! Kind regards, Vlaho


2 months ago


Response from Vlaho:

Dear Cristiana, Thank you for the top grades. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour! Kind regards, Vlaho


2 months ago

We have done a few free tours and this one was different. It seemed the end of the season instead of the beginning! Can I be frank (we are both seasoned teachers). The tour was very dry and factual: no humour! The pronounciation of Croatian words might have been a source of humour. What about we passed an elementary school. What about the passed the law courts. What about the market and where the produce comes from. It was a good tour but not one I would !


Response from Vlaho:

Dear David, your review is written in a way that I cannot understand what you’re really trying to say?! Maybe in the future when you become full time teachers, I’ll be able to understand better. Yes, it’s an early morning tour and that’s why it seemed to be like the off-season period, away from the mass crowds! Surprisingly, being teachers you might have noticed that children in schools ask questions, but I can’t remember you asking any! Maybe in that way you might have gotten answers to your puzzling queries, what does the school serve for, where do fruits and vegetables come from … etc. Please read the review written by Max who was on the same tour, or maybe, you were on a different tour?! Stay well and happy, Vlaho


2 months ago

The tour conducted by Lvolt (sorry lost guides name),was one of the best tours we have done and set the standard by which others should be judged

Before you start looking around the old town you should do this early morning tour so you have a basis to build your ongoing exploratory self tour

Highly recommended


Response from Vlaho:

Dear Max, Thank you for the rewarding review! It's always a great pleasure to have people who enjoy hearing about the history and present day life in Dubrovnik in an atmosphere that can truly display the old city in the season as if it was in the off-season period. Best wishes, Vlaho


3 months ago

I loved this city tour. Vlaho was very knowledgable and he did a great job of telling us history but also combining personal stories and other entertaining stories. I also really liked the pace of the tour, with just enough time for talking,(not long winded and boring), plus time to take photos. I would highly recommend this Early Bird Tour with Vlaho. We were a small group of 6 people which I liked and 7 AM was also great with almost no people in the Old City! Very happy I took this 2 hour tour!


Response from Vlaho:

Dear Heather, Thank you for the top grades! I'm very glad that you enjoyed the early tour in the best time of day, free and away from the major tourist stream in Dubrovnik. Best wishes! Vlaho
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