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Freetour Legends and Mysteries of London

  • London
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About the tour

We will start from the Cathedral of St Paul, which, with the Cross of St. Paul, makes our meeting point a beginning full of mysticism and magic. One of our stops will be the Park of the Heroes of London (Postman's Park), this beautiful corner is the favorite of many travelers for being a quiet location full of vegetation. Although it is a famous corner it is still a secret for many tourists. On the walls we can read plaques dedicated to people who lost their lives heroically, so that history always reminds us who they were. The most chilling events that have been experienced in London will be recounted, from public executions to miraculous places. Without perfernos the prodigious church Saint Bartholomew the Great, we will talk about the sinister prison of Newgate, we will meet the popular devilish barber and the recipe of his wife's cakes and we will even talk about the ghosts that inhabit several buildings in London.

Meeting point
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How to find me: Queen Anne statue in St Paul's Cathedral (outside the main entrance) with flag or umbrella and accreditation "blue-green" with the logo of: Walking in Europe.
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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