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Free Tour: Kings and Dictators

  • Bucharest
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About the tour

Welcome to Romania, a young country that in the past was a monarchy and a communist country and had its share of dictators in both political regimes.

The free tour of Bucharest presents the changes that appeared in the history of the country from the first kingdom in this territory: Dacia, to post-communist Romania. The tour focuses on Avenida de la Victoria, the first main route of the city since the 17th century and you can see Parisian-inspired buildings that show the bohemian part of our city and also explain why it was called in the past “the little one Paris".

The free tour of Bucharest begins in the University Square in the statue of the first man who dared to unify all Romanian countries in 1600, fighting against great powers such as the Ottoman Empire.

We will continue to see the Military Circle and Capsa, the oldest bakery in the city, an old princely court now transformed into a theater, the Telephone Palace, the first skyscraper in Bucharest, the Royal Palace, now the National Museum of Art and the Romanian Museum . Athenaeum, a wonderful work of art.

The free tour of Bucharest will end in the Revolution Square with the story of the last dictator: the communist Nicolae Ceausescu.

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How to find me: University Square, in front of Second Cup Coffee
Tour duration: 3 hours

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21 days ago

El tour fue fantastico.



25 days ago

Regular. Ademas el guía no manejaba muy bien el español.


Cristina Herrera

25 days ago


Sofía Álvarez

1 month ago

Muy buenas explicaciones. La guía Andrada majiaima

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