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Free walking tour - havana historical center i

Your guru: Yan
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  • Havana
  • Available in: English, Spanish

About the guru Yan

Hello! My name is Yan. I am a young graduate of the university who resides in the most wonderful city in Cuba: Havana. I consider it my home because I was born and raised here, but I have also spent a lot of time studying and preparing to do something that fascinates me: making new visitors know my magical city and being of help in case of any doubt or question for being in ... More »

Hello! My name is Yan. I am a young graduate of the university who resides in the most wonderful city in Cuba: Havana. I consider it my home because I was born and raised here, but I have also spent a lot of time studying and preparing to do something that fascinates me: making new visitors know my magical city and being of help in case of any doubt or question for being in an unknown country. At the same time I will have the privilege to meet and share with people from other parts of the planet. Join me and you will not regret my Free Walking Tour through Havana! ¡You will see that it is not in vain that it is one of the 7 wonders cities of the world! I can also help you with everything related to food, transportation, lodging, trips, etc; not only in Havana but also in Vinales and Varadero.

About the tour

Join me on this 2.5 hours walk. It is a walking tour through the Historical Center of Havana, particularly through the Four Main Squares and the streets that connect them. We will be taking a trip back in time to walk between the architecture of the colonial era (XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries) that mixes simultaneously with the daily life of contemporary Havana.

In our trip you will also have the opportunity to know about Cuba: its history, its reality, its people ...

At the end of the tour I can recommend you very good places to lunch/dinner. They have very good cuisine but also very good prices.

Also, if you want to make a stop on the way to enter a place or buy a souvenir, you can do it.

Our itinerary is flexible. It includes but is not limited to:

• Cathedral Square

• Castle of the Royal Force

• Main Square

• El Templete

• Museum of the City

• Saint Francis Square

• Convent of San Francisco de Asís

• Old Square

• Bodeguita del Medio

A very pleasant time awaits you, you will not regret it!

The official schedules of the tours are at 10:00 am, 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm, but if you want another schedule, please, contact me and ask me for availability.

If you want to complement this tour and get to know the rest of the heritage zone, you can book here:

If you want to enjoy my free tour of Modern Havana too, you can book here:

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How to find me: In the Fountain of the Lions in Francisco de Asís Square, with a t-shirt blue and white like in the photo of my profile. If not, with an yellow t-shirt with the sign: FREE TOUR.

Tour schedule

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Ratings (27)



2 days ago

Excelente tour, yan sabe explicar muy bien y generar interés en quien lo escucha, transmitiendo el gran legado cultural que tiene una ciudad fascinante como la habana


Fred Camilleri

6 days ago

A very relaxed & informative speaker who as a local gave you an impressive picture of havana’s history to today.



6 days ago

Yan fue muy amable y siempre estuvo atento de que comprendiéramos todo. fue un placer haberle conocido y que nos haya guiado en esta experiencia única.



6 days ago

During our walking tour, yan shared incredible history of cuba. in each square, yan highlighted the architectural beauty of buildings, significance of the area and culture of the cuban people. he was very open to our questions and quite knowledgeable of every subject he addressed. he was certain to specify points of interest, smart places to purchase souvenirs and tips for our stay. we wanted a guide who spoke english and could convey a deeper understanding of havana - yan certainly was the man for the job!!


Tara Hinson

8 days ago

We loved the tour. yan was knowledgeable and we learned so much about cuba’s history. we recommend this tour for anyone who is planning a visit. thanks again yan!!


Sandra Lerma Martín

11 days ago



19 days ago

I we waited until 2:15, yan did not show up. very disappointed!



20 days ago

Yan ist ein großartiger tourguide. er liebt seine stadt und kennt sie gut. egal, was wir gefragt haben - yan wusste die antwort. sein englisch ist wirklich sehr gut und er ist bemüht, die tour so informativ wie möglich zu machen. er ist ein total ruhiger und angenehmer zeitgenosse, mit dem man gern durch die gassen schlendert. obwohl wir die stadt schon gesehen hatten, haben wir viel gelernt über die stadt, aber auch über die geschichte kubas und über die menschen dort. unbedingt machen!

for those who don't speak german:

i can recommend this tour without reserve. yan is a knowledgeable guide who loves his job and his city. the tour is very well organized. yan is a quiet and very decent guy who is fun to roam the streets with. whatever we asked - he knew the answer. don't miss out on an opportunity to hear about the city from a local!



1 month ago

Img 7040


1 month ago

Yan es un ser humano increíble con una cualidad especial, su sencillez. yan conoce del tema y te guía según tu interés. es un caballero, respetuoso y un gran padre de familia. tuve la suerte de conocer a su esposa y evidenciar la persona íntegra que es.

el tour está concentrado en la habana vieja, alrededor de cuatro plazas, las principales y fundadoras de la ciudad. su tour es excelente para iniciar los primeros días en la habana, puesto que te muestra la ubicación en el espacio.

lo más importante es que no solo se obtiene un tour sino se obtiene un gran amigo.



1 month ago


Isabel e igor

1 month ago

Yan es un guía excepcional!! nos encontramos por la calle cuando ya había terminado su jornada y como no teníamos más días en la habana no dudó ni un momento en realizar el tour para nosotros aún sin reserva. le gusta lo que hace y eso se nota. aprendimos un montón, fue muy interesante!


Gabriela laborie

1 month ago

Jan nos canceló en último momento y no pudimos tomar el tour. le agradecemos que nos contactó con otro guía pero para el tour de las 2pm (en lugar del de las 10am).



1 month ago

Awesome tour. yan really knows his stuff. there were only two of us, so it was like our own personal tour. he spent more than hours with us, sharing cuban history and talking to us about daily life for citizens. i would highly recommend taking this tour to see the fantastic city of havana.


Jose M

1 month ago

Estuvimos en el tour dirigido por yan y lo recomiendo completamente. nos hizo un recorrido por la habana vieja, contando la historia de los diferentes monumentos y curiosidades de los mismos. ademas le preguntamos sobre otras cuestiones y nos atendio en todo momento.


Julian David

1 month ago

Yan es una excelente persona ademas la manera en la que dirigio el tour estuvo muy bien, muy recomendado.



1 month ago

Hicimos el tour con yan el día 14 de marzo como primera toma de contacto con la ciudad de la habana. visitamos los principales lugares y nos dio buenos consejos para el resto de la isla. nos gustó mucho. tour muy recomendable.



2 months ago

Yan was awoseme. he had so much patience with my friends and i. he is friendly, smart, and very kind. he answered all the questions my friends and i had. we had a lot fun with yan and we learned so much about cuba's history. i hope in god that he keeps growing because he is a great example of hard work and dedication.



2 months ago

I took the free walking tour with yan rosell in february. i was with two friends and we were very lucky to have a “private” tour of sorts with yan. we had actually booked with another guide but yan took his place! i think we ended up better off. the tour was great and so personal. yan answered a lot of my questions! i had so many. our tour went well beyond the time we were told because yan was so personal. at the end of the tour we needed help finding a money âmbio and an atm machine. yan was so awesome! he walked us personally to each spot. this added extra time to the tour that he didn’t have to do, but i believe becaise yan is such a good person he would have done that for any group! i highly recommend you book your walking tour with yan. i have traveled to 35+ countries and meaty do walking tours where ever i go! yan’s tour was easily in my top 3!



2 months ago



2 months ago

We had a very wonderful tour of old havana with yan rosell zimmerman on feb 22nd and want to recommend him highly! he was very generous with his time and knowledge, he customised the tour to our interests, and he was very enthusiastic and proud of the city and its history. we felt very blessed to have encountered him in person and booked our tour after a short chat the day before. our expectations were far surpassed with yan - 5 stars!



3 months ago

Yan, nos realizó el tour el pasado 9 de febrero y fue estupendo. me apunte al tour en ingles, y su fluidez es muy buena en ambos idiomas, y sus conocimientos sobre los lugares que visitamos muy extensos. muchos detalles, ameno y agradable, lo recomiendo totalmente a todo el mundo que visite la habana, y si puede ser con yan. genial persona que hace muy bien su trabajo. luis pasamar



3 months ago

Yan did a magnificent job! his knowledge about history of the city is incredible. any question we asked him he had an answer. tour was interesting, we could talk about present times and compare it to the history. he speaks very well english and showed us at the end very nice local restaurant. highly recommend him as a guide! next time we visit havana we'll contact him! thanks yan!


Silvia laboreo

3 months ago

El tour con yan fue fantástico. nos permitió conocer un poco más el origen y la evolución de una ciudad tan fascinante como la habana en un agradable paseo por sus plazas más importantes. además, yan iba intercalando esa información con datos culturales, sociales, políticos y económicos sobre cuba. muy recomendable, sobre todo para ubicarse en la ciudad los primeros días.

silvia y ricardo (españa)



3 months ago

I really enjoyed this informative and interesting tour. yan not only knows a great deal about his city's history but he gives a very personal touch to his tour, and he is willing to answer all kinds of questions you might have about cuba. we were so happy with him that we booked a second tour with him in vedado.


Ana Brito

4 months ago

I loved the tour! yan is an amazing and lovely person. i could learn a lot about the history of havana with him. it was an incredible experience.


Rose Miller

4 months ago

Great tour, yan is a very nice young man and know very good habana cause he was born there. he is also a trusted person with university education . habana a unforgettable place . thank yan.

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