Free Walking Tour - Modern Havana

Discover what happened before and after the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. The destination of Modern Havana is a walk through Vedado, the main residential neighborhood of Havana, whose route includes important constructions that emerged in the Cuban neocolonial period and describes aspects of Cuba today.

We will begin our tour on 23rd Street, the most famous and busy street in the heart of Havana. We will head to the National Hotel, which after 80 years still retains all the splendor of its eclectic architecture and has been visited by hundreds of celebrities from the arts, sciences and politics. Open to the visitor, we will get to know his surprising memories from the inside and we will enjoy from his garden a beautiful view of the sea and the popular Havana's boardwalk.

Passing through the most famous corner of Vedado, 23 and L, we will continue our journey to the University of Havana, a majestic building inspired by the Greek Parthenon and presided by the beautiful sculpture of the Alma Mater, whose steps descended the Centennial Generation in the First March of the Torches.

Finally, after knowing a bit about education, health and sports, we will visit the emblematic Revolution Square, an essential place to visit, to learn about its history, see the José Martí Memorial and take a picture of Che as a proof of the experience.

Along the way you will also get to know different aspects of the Cuban reality of today. Any question is welcome.

I assure you a unique experience!

The official schedules of the tours are at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm but if you want another schedule, please contact me and ask me for availability.

If you want to enjoy my free tour in the Historical Center of Havana too, you can book here:

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How to find me: At the entrance of the Cuba Pavilion (23 Street, Vedado) with a t-shirt of blue and white stripes, as in my profile photo, or with a t-shirt yellow with the sign: FREE TOUR
Tour Languages and Schedule:
  • Es Spanish | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday | 10:00, 14:00
  • Gb English | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday | 10:00, 14:00

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10 days ago

5/5 - Yan is a very knowledgable and dedicated tour guide trying to make you understand cuba and cubans from within. he openly talks about positive and negative aspects of cuban life and even gives you very practical tips for your stay in cuba. a lovely and caring young person.


Mohamed Abdallah Omar

15 days ago

5/5 - Yan is such a helpful, knowledgeable and nice tour guide. you will learn about about cuba's history and present in a lively and interactive way. he is patient and always willing to answer your questions and provide help even if you have questions not related to the tour. he also always work to improve his skills and learn new information about the city.