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Florence from above. Alleys, gardens and views

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  • Florence
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About the guru Atahualpa

I'm now an authorized tour leader, with official license. I'm also a physicist, immigrant in Europe, astronomer, father of an adolescent girl, world citizen, concerned about the environment, seeker of a healthier life in an increasingly entangled world.

I'm now an authorized tour leader, with official license. I'm also a physicist, immigrant in Europe, astronomer, father of an adolescent girl, world citizen, concerned about the environment, seeker of a healthier life in an increasingly entangled world.

About the tour

A couple of hours are enough to escape the bustle of the crowds and, through rustic alleys and gardens, get to the old city walls that will eventually lead us to the highest points in town.

In this walk you will be able to visit the best preserved church in Tuscany, and enjoy breath-taking landscapes of the whole city from the legendary Piazzale Michelangelo.

Beware: it's a lightly demanding walk, with a couple of ways up and down that require a bit of effort.

Places visited:

1. Galileo's house and Bardini gardens.

2. St George's gate and Belvedere Fortress.

3. Old city walls and olive groves.

4. San Miniato's gate.

5. Roses garden and first landscapes.

6. San Miniato church. Visit and panoramic views.

7. Piazzale Michelangelo. Landscapes and sculptures.

8. San Niccolo's gate and neighborhood.

9. Bardini museum and via de' Bardi.

Because of logistics, booking at least 12 hours in advance is required. Thank you.

Do you have special needs or something different in mind? Don't hesitate to contact me: we could manage to work out something according to your specific requirement.

I lead two other complementary tours in different zones and with different scopes. Take a look at them:

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Meeting point
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How to find me: 50 south of Ponte Vecchio, by the column at the square.
Tour duration: 2 hours

Tour schedule

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Ratings (123)


Luis Felipe

10 hours ago

Atahualpa lo hace estupendamente bien. Carismático, aman,e, conocedor, no se limita a la historia sino a comentarios sobre la vida en la ciudad en recorridos que pasan tanto por lo más característico de Florencia como por áreas preciosas por las que uno no pasaría jamás por su cuenta por mucho que investigar la ciudad previamente. Lo recomiendo con toda sinceridad



4 days ago

I joined two walking tours, this one and another one in the city center. And I like this one a lot!! I really recommend this tour!

Seeing from outside of the city’s old wall, I think I got the identity of Florence even though I’m not an European. Especially in the morning tour, places like local residence, churches, gardens are really peaceful and relaxing without crowds. It’s a good start of a day!

And Atahualpa is a very good guide! He is not raised in the city, but he knows well and he answered all questions I asked! So meaningful time!

Thank you Atahualpa!!

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Response from Atahualpa:

A very good start of the day, indeed! Thank you so much, Saori! It's the enthusiasm of people like you that make these walks special. I appreciate a lot your participation.


4 days ago

Excelente tour para conocer Florencia. Lo recomiendo.

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Response from Atahualpa:

¡Muchas gracias Omar!


5 days ago

This was a very unique tour of Florence! Wear comfortable shoes, as it is a bit of a hilly walk but worth the views. Atahualpa was great and very knowledgeable about the area and historical sights. Would definitely recommend!

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Response from Atahualpa:

Thank you so much Jennifer!


8 days ago

What a great tour, ata was the perfect guru guide! He was enthusiastic, informative, showed us parts of florence which we would not have seen without him - the peaceful, green and lush florence. Although we kept him longer than we should (as he had another walk planned shortly after ours) ata was sure to leave us happy and contented with all questions answered. We can highly recommend this walk and ata as your guide

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Response from Atahualpa:

I appreciate greatly your words, and even more the fact that you enjoyed the Florence that is there... waiting to be discovered. It was my pleasure having you in the group! Thanks again.

Margaret Louko

8 days ago

Tour was awesome! Atahualpa has a wonderful passion for Florence and brought us through superb quiet roads and gardens of Florence. The views were spectacular. One of the best tours I have been on. He answered our questions and gave us great insight on some of the significant historical characters of Firenze.

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Response from Atahualpa:

Many thanks Margaret! Enthusiasm comes up naturally when people as you participate... enthusiastically!. The whole experience is a pleasure for everyone!
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