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Florence from above. Alleys, gardens and views

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  • Florence
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About the guru Atahualpa

I'm a physicist, immigrant in Europe, astronomer, father of an adolescent girl, world citizen, concerned about the environment, seeker of a healthier life in an increasingly entangled world.

I'm a physicist, immigrant in Europe, astronomer, father of an adolescent girl, world citizen, concerned about the environment, seeker of a healthier life in an increasingly entangled world.

About the tour

A couple of hours are enough to escape the bustle of the crowds and, through rustic alleys and gardens, get to the old city walls that will eventually lead us to the highest points in town.

In this walk you will be able to visit the best preserved church in Tuscany, and enjoy breath-taking landscapes of the whole city from the legendary Piazzale Michelangelo.

Beware: it's a lightly demanding walk, with a couple of ways up and down that require a bit of effort.

Places visited:

1. Galileo's house and Bardini gardens.

2. St George's gate and Belvedere Fortress.

3. Old city walls and olive groves.

4. San Miniato's gate.

5. Roses garden and first landscapes.

6. San Miniato church. Visit and panoramic views.

7. Piazzale Michelangelo. Landscapes and sculptures.

8. San Niccolo's gate and neighborhood.

9. Bardini museum and via de' Bardi.

Because of logistics, booking at least 12 hours in advance is required. Thank you.

Do you have special needs or something different in mind? Don't hesitate to contact me: we could manage to work out something according to your specific requirement.

I lead two other complementary tours in different zones and with different scopes. Take a look at them:

120-minute Renaissance Initiation tour:

High fashion, history and bohemian life:

Meeting point
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How to find me: 50 south of Ponte Vecchio, by the column at the square.
Tour duration: 2 hours

Tour schedule

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9 days ago

Excelente guía, sabe muchísimo y super atento. Me encantó el tour. Super recomendado.

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Response from Atahualpa:

Muchas gracias Mónica!

John Wilson

28 days ago

Great tour, we saw parts of Florence we might not have found on our own and were taken to vantage points for great views of the city. Lots of shaded alleyways and lanes which was a great help on a really hot day. Interesting historical facts and figures, in fact more would have been even better.

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Response from Atahualpa:

Many thanks John! I am glad you enjoyed Florence from above!


28 days ago

Great tour! We loved the fact that it started at 8:30 since we missed the scorching sun and the crowds. The tour was informative and a great introduction to the city’s lesser known areas. Our guide was knowledgeable , respectful and interesting. We would encourage anyone (if you enjoy walking) to book with Atahualpa!

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Response from Atahualpa:

Thank you so much Anne. It was a real pleasure having you in the walk!

Andrea Bernuy

1 month ago

Fue ameno el recorrido, interesantes historias y además nos dió unos tips buenos sobre todo del estacionamiento, nos hizo ahorrar un montón!

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Response from Atahualpa:

Muchas gracias Andrea. Esa era la idea...


1 month ago

This was one of our favorite experiences in Florence. Atahualpa is knowledgeable & passionate about his City. It was so wonderful to discover secret paths and walk ways to some of the hidden gems of the City! This is a tour not to be missed during your stay! Thank you Atahualpa for enhancing our experience in your lovely City of Florence!

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Response from Atahualpa:

It's always a pleasure counting on such enthusiastic people like you! Thanks for your participation!

Javier Correa Lee

2 months ago

Estuvo muy completo, ameno y con mucha información, muy recomendable, excelente guía, felicidades al Guía.

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Response from Atahualpa:

Muchas gracias Javier.
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