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Reasons to become a guide

Earn some extra money
Whether you're a student, an artist or just someone who struggles to pay the rent every month: doing a free tour in your city could be the solution. With each tour, you'll be able to earn some cash that travelers leave as a tip for your service, and you will keep 100% of that money. You don't have to pay GuruWalk any of it.
Have lots of fun
Maybe you are really passionate about history and art and always wanted to be a tour guide, or maybe you just love hanging out with foreigners. You can work as a guide full-time with GuruWalk. No need to create your own website, or pay someone to market your business, just post it here in about 2 minutes and we'll take care of the rest.
Help build a better world
Getting to know other cultures is the best way to build a more tolerant and open minded society. You can contribute to this by showing travellers your city. Showing them what makes your place special and unique will help people get a better understanding of its culture and bridge the gap between foreigners and locals.

How to publish your own tour


Create an itinerary

Choose a city and decide which places to visit and where to meet. Choose the most important landmarks for your walk (ideally the ones you know most about), and add the times that best fit your schedule. Nothing has to be perfect from the start, but this gives you a great starting point.

Add some details

Tell people what they are going to see if they book your tour. Travelers want to know what makes your tour special, so be as descriptive as possible. Make sure to set the right expectations (will it be fun, informative, thrilling?) and why people should invest their time in your free tour.

Post some pictures

The better the pictures, the more bookings you will receive. You can upload pictures of the most important landmarks you are going to visit, or of groups that have done a tour with you. If people see that others had a great time with you, they are more likely to give it a try.

Publish and receive bookings

Once you're done, we'll review your tour to see if it meets our quality standards. If not, we'll always give you the time to edit and improve your tour. And of course, you can change the texts and pictures of your tour anytime. Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions.

Share your culture, inspire others

What’s gonna happen after this?

We will review your tour and send you a message if we think anything is wrong. If everything is correct, we will approve your tour and it will be published on our website.
You will receive an email notification every time someone books your tour. If you can’t make the tour that day, you should contact the traveller and agree on another time that suits you both.
You will meet your walkers at the meeting point at the time scheduled for that tour. Please respect people's time and be punctual, so you don't risk getting negative reviews or people cancelling your tour.
At the end of your tour, travelers will leave you a tip. On our site we make it clear that people are expected to leave a tip at the end of each tour. Some guides may prefer to emphasise this again at the beginning of their tour. That's up to you of course!

Please, be aware that you should comply with the current laws from your city and state where you practice this activity.
If you need help or have any questions about this, you can contact us here.

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