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How much does a tour guide charge

The free tour is the first choice of the tourist

Most travellers choose the free tour over any other paid experience as their first taste of a new destination.

Are free walking tours actually free?

Not quite. There´s no booking fee, but 99.8% of our customers make a fair payment at the end of the tour.

How much does a free tour guide earn?

The amount may vary. The average payment per traveller is between 10€ - 20€, depending on the destination. That's why our guide´s community is continuously growing.

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You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Before becoming a guru

It is important for us that the Gurus are experts and passionate about the experience they offer and that they can communicate it in an entertaining and interesting way. Depending on the country where you are going to create your guruwalk, there are different laws regarding this job. If you are an official guide in Europe, you can work in any EU member state.

However, it is true that some countries also require certification. If you are a professional guide but do not have this approval, you can always create another type of tour (gastronomic, film, atypical, mysteries...).

Travellers love to discover a city from multiple perspectives. If you're thinking about getting your guide's licence, this article might be of interest to you. We'd love to help you, so if you still have any questions, you can always contact us.

You can find tips and share experiences on our YouTube channel, our blog and Facebook group.

Yes, GuruWalk is the largest free tours platform, already present in more than 110 countries, so you can work with us anywhere in the world. And if your city doesn't have a GuruWalk yet, you can create the first one! Thinking of moving? We have a mobility plan for official guides that you can't miss, if you want to know more about it, contact us.

GuruWalk is the largest international platform for guides and is growing daily all over the world. It also functions as a big family where everyone is listened to and taken into account, because it is very important to us that our guides feel at ease.

That's why, as part of GuruWalk, you can count on the support of the community, as well as our team, so that you will always find answers to your questions or doubts.

GuruWalk is an international community with thousands of registered gurus around the world and we keep growing.

We have at your disposal our Facebook group where we share advice, content and experiences, with the aim of learning from each other and that you find another way to express yourselves and seek support.

First steps as Guru

You will receive an email with the booking information both by email (remember to check SPAM) and through the platform.

We recommend you to download GuruWalk's App as it is the best way to keep track of all the bookings you receive, as well as communications with travellers or the GuruWalk team.

Travellers access GuruWalk and search for the city they are travelling to. From the list of options, they choose the tour they want to take and book through GuruWalk's platform.

If they make a booking on your guruwalk, a booking confirmation with all the information will be sent to your account and email.

Travellers make a payment, the amount of which is voluntary, at the end of the guruwalk. Depending on their experience with you, some travellers are much more generous.

By now, almost everyone knows how Free Tours work, but we always recommend that you explain it in case there are still some stragglers who have yet to grasp the concept.

You will notice that we take it very seriously, so we warn the traveller throughout the process, so that they know that a guruwalk is a tour where the guide expects to be rewarded at the end of the tour.

The tours that receive the most bookings tend to be tours with a high availability of schedules. Keep in mind that travellers have their own plans and need tours to suit their circumstances, so the more schedules, the more travellers.

Also, take care of the details as tourists appreciate them too. From your profile as a guide to the title of your guruwalk and its photos... It is important to take care of the details to inspire confidence.

Don't worry if you don't have experience in this area, we are here to help you through the whole process.

When you start at GuruWalk, you start by default with the free Hobby plan, which has no cost and no time limit.

This plan is perfect to get you started on the platform, test our tools and check the free tour's profitability, with very little investment (only your time, which we know is worth a lot).

Once your first tour is published, you will have the option to upgrade to the PRO plan, which offers you more advantages, such as the possibility to improve the tour's position on the landing page, the option to access up to 50% more bookings.

You can find more information about the PRO plan here.

A guruwalk is a tour, usually on foot (there are also bike tours, etc.), lasting between 2-3 hours. The theme can be varied (essential tour, thematic, districts, mysteries...) and the guide is an expert on the subject.

So far, you will see that there is little difference between a conventional tour and a free tour. The peculiarity of free tours is that the traveller pays at the end of the tour. Depending on the experience they had, the payment may be more or less generous.

This fact allows more travellers to join the tour freely as there is no "pay-as-you-book" brake. This is one of the reasons why the free tour has become such a popular experience. Added to the fact that free tours offers these multiple perspectives of a city in a very affordable and entertaining format.

We always insist that it is very important to have a great deal of knowledge about what you are telling the traveller, but that it is more worthwhile to offer a memorable experience than an overload of facts, as this is what the traveller is looking for when booking a free tour.

You can make your guruwalk stand out more thanks to the PRO plan, which you can check here. This plan gives you access to a larger number of potential customers.

It is important that you maintain a high level of quality, both in the Hobby and PRO plan, as the platform's algorithm also influences this ranking.

You can learn more about how the algorithm affects the position of tours here.

To help you give more visibility to your tour, you can also publish it on Social Media. You can see how to do it in this link.