Earn money as a GuruWalk guide

Work doing free tours! Meet travelers from all over the world, manage your own schedule, and share your passion and culture with GuruWalk.

Reasons to become a free tours guide

Make a living from your passion!
How much money does a free tour guide earn? The average payment is usually 8€, some travelers will give you 5€ while others will give you 50€. In two hours, with groups of 10 to 30 people, you could make more money than with any other type of work. We encourage you to start working, and make a living from what you really like with GuruWalk.
Be your own boss!
Become a guru of your city! Create your own tour, manage your schedule, choose the days that you want to work and the languages ​​in which you want to do your tour. In few words, be your own boss with GuruWalk! We will take care of sending you travelers from all over the world.
Start your own business at 0 additional costs
You will be able to create your own free tour without having to create a website or invest in marketing. You will have your own page in GuruWalk where travelers can book your tour, while you will only take care of doing what you like the most, which is doing the tours, we will take care of everything else! What are you waiting for to live the experience of being a guru?

How to publish my own guruwalk


Fill out the form

Some questions that will make it easier for us to know more about yourself in order to help you and welcome you to this guru’s community

Create your guruwalk

Design the tour through your city that you would like someone to show you. Your favorite places are essential to convey your passion.

Once we review it, you’re ready to go

If your guruwalk reaches the desired quality it will be approved by GuruWalk. If you need to improve we will help you to achieve it.

Share your culture, inspire others

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an official guide to do a guruwalk?

Depending on the country, there are different laws in relation to this work. In Europe, if you are an official guide you can work in any country from the European Union, however in some of those countries you will have to validate your accreditation. If you are not an official guide, you can always create another type of tour such as tours based on gastronomy, movies, the best breweries in your city and many other possibilities that travelers also like to book. If you are not sure on how it works, you can always contact us.

What happens when I receive a booking?

You will receive an email with all the traveler’s information, including name, date, number of people and the chosen language. You can contact them by phone or through the platform.

How will travelers pay me?

Based on their experience, travelers will give you a voluntary amount at the end of the guruwalk. Travelers often know how the free tours work, however we always advise you to explain this at the beginning of the tour.

Are there any other gurus to support me?

GuruWalk is an international community with thousands of registered gurus around the world, and we keep growing. If you want, we have a facebook group where we share thousands of tips, content and experiences, in order to learn from each other and create a great family, not to mention that the GuruWalk team will always support you and help you with any questions.

Please, be aware that you should comply with the current laws from your city and state where you practice this activity.
If you need help or have any questions about this, you can

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