Earn money as a GuruWalk guide

Work whenever you want, develop new skills, meet people from all around the world, and have some fun! Don’t worry, GuruWalk is free!

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Why you should become a guide

Earn some extra money
Maybe you are a student, or an artist who struggle to pay your rent every month. Doing some free tours on the weekends could be your solution. After each tour, travelers will give you donations for your work, and you will keep 100% of that money. You don't have give anything to GuruWalk.
Have fun
Maybe you are really passionate about history and art and always wanted to be a tour guide, or maybe you just love hanging out with foreigners. You can work as a guide full time with GuruWalk. Don’t need to make your own website, or pay for marketing stuff, just post it here in 2 minutes.
Help building a better world
There is enough hate and prejudices in this world. Getting to know other cultures is the best way to build a more tolerant and open minded society. Person by person, one by one. You can contribute in this way by showing to travelers the details that make your culture special, and why they do it.

How to publish your own tour


You are the leader

You decide which places you are going to visit, the meeting point, the meeting times, the duration, everything! Choose the most important landmarks for you, the ones that really motivates you, and the times that better fit your schedule. Nevertheless, you should know that there are more bookings for the weekend tours, so you will usually get many more requests on saturdays, than tuesdays.

Write a tour description

A good one. Tell people what they are going to see if they take a tour with you. Travelers want to know if your tour is interesting or not. Please explain them what they should expect and why they should invest their time with you. Will it be fun?

Put some pictures

The better the pictures, more bookings you will receive. You can upload pictures of the main landmarks you are going to visit. And also, after doing some tours, will be nice if you upload some pictures of you doing the tours with other happy travelers. That’s how people will see that others have taken your tours, and they had a good time with you.

Publish something now, don't think it too much

You can just write a short description and upload a picture now, and later edit and improve your tour. You can always enter in GuruWalk and change all the texts and pictures of your tour. Don’t worry! ;) If you still have doubts now, you can save it in drafts, and continue editing later.

Share your culture, inspire others

What’s gonna happen after this?

We will review your tour and send you a message if we think there is something is wrong. If everything is correct, we will approve it and it will be public in our website.
You will receive an email notification each time someone books your tour. If you can’t make the tour that day, you can contact the traveler and try to find another time for doing it.
You will meet with the travelers in the meeting point and at the meeting time scheduled and make the tour.
At the end, the travelers will give you the donation for your work. In our website we clearly say that they are expected to pay whatever they want at the end of the tour, but some guides also explain it at the beginning of the tour too. You can do it if you want to.

If you need help or have any questions, you can always contact us here.

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