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What do we offer our affiliates?

With our program, we wanted to offer our affiliates the best earnings. To do so, we offer the highest profit from any free tour company in the world for each traveler that you recommend.


The most profitable affiliate program for free tours in the world

Earn 1€ per traveler! We broke the mold so you can make the most for sharing GuruWalk.


Open to anyone

You don’t have to be a blogger to get started. Share free tours with whoever you want, however you want.


Free to sign up

Whether you’re a local guide or a tourist, it is totally free to sign up on GuruWalk.


A very high conversion rate

The perfect balance between offering quality and an easy-to-use system. The majority of users who see free tours on GuruWalk end up booking with us.



We offer you the best promotional material so that you can recommend the tours in your own unique and professional way.


Worldwide Presence

We are a worldwide platform where all destinations are welcome, large and small.

Why choose GuruWalk’s affiliates and accommodations program?

We are present in more than 100 countries

You can recommend guruwalks in practically any city in the world. We are including new destinations on our platform from all corners of the globe daily.

Thousands of different tours

Recommend different tours of the same city, and choose from the essential, alternative, themed (based on films,) or food tour routes on our platform.

Recommend Quality

The free tours that are on GuruWalk have been openly reviewed by thousands of tourists on our platform. They’re the best critics because they have already tried out that particular guruwalk experience!
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