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Best things to do in Bordeaux

The French country is full of wonderful cities, and among them, you can find Bordeaux, a small town in Northwestern France that is able to charm both the French and the many tourists it has equally. Free walking tours are a great option to visit this city’s many tourist destinations and to also do something that is off the beaten track for most tourists, and get a chance to see what you like in the city with a savvy local. 

These guided walking tours will take you to places like the Water Mirror, the Bordeaux Stock Exchange, Cailhau’s Gate, St. Pierre’s Neighborhood, the Golden Triangle, Rue Sainte Catherine, Quinconces Square or the Barrio of Chartrons and much more.

There are free walking tours in Bordeaux every day in English and Spanish. You can choose from tours that are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening. If you have any questions about a route or a guide, you can read up on other walker’s opinions and reviews online. This way you can check out which tour would be best for you and make the best choice. Other cities of interest that also have guru walks are Marseille, Nantes, Bilbao or San Sebastian.

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