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Best things to do and see in Budapest

Budapest is a city whose rich history has earned it the nickname, “the pearl of the Danube,” and the modern-day city is the result of the union of two older cities, Buda and Pest. If you are thinking about visiting this wonderful city, a guided walking tour will allow you the chance to get to know all those emblematic places and monuments of this city a little better. 

If you want to discover all the hidden charms in Budapest, there are many guided tours in the city that have routes which will take you past Buda Castle, the Parliament, the Fisherman’s Bastion, SzĂ©chenyi Saunas, Heroes Square, Mattias Church, Várhegy, The SzĂ©chenyi Chain Bridge, or St. Steven’s Basilica. Other interesting places that are also worth a visit are The Hungarian National Opera Hall, the Central Market, the Citadel, Budapest City Park, or the Great Synagogue. Choose the free guided walking tour that most interests you and start exploring this city in your own new and unique way. 

Whether you would like to book a free walking tour in Budapest in the morning, afternoon, or evening there are many tours available. Also, other walkers have already voiced their opinions and reviews about these tours on the webpage. All the information is there for you to read up on and find the tour that best suits your tastes.

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