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Wir sind eine kostenlose Reisegesellschaft aus Baku, die Ihnen diese wundervolle Stadt auf professionelle und lustige Weise zeigt.

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12 Oct 2023 Baku
Geprüfte Reservierung
In einer Gruppe gereist - Sep 2023

The tour guide was not responding and did not confirm the booking. It was so hard to get in touch with the guide. Was very disappointed since we didn’t book anything else anticipating this would happen

Anu Raj
01 May 2022 Dubai
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Familie gereist - May 2022

17 Apr 2022
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Apr 2022

Die Tour war sehr informativ . Geplant waren 2 Stunden, am Ende sind es fast drei Stunden geworden, was mir persönlich zu lang war, es war ein bisschen künstlich in die Länge gezogen. Sonst hat alles sehr gut geklappt

28 Dec 2021 Abu Dhabi
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Dec 2021

It was only my partner and I with Emin and I think it would have been better with other people. The starting point was about a 20 minute walk from the pubs which made no sense. Emin didn’t have a plan of where to go and asked us (obviously we didn’t know) and should have had reserved tables as we couldn’t get into some places. We only went to two places the whole time and we seemed to go those just because they were cheap. Emin showed us beers and snacks which was great but then we had the same snacks at the next place. We asked multiple times for recommendations of where the two of us could go next (karaoke, live music, nightclub, anywhere with a fun atmosphere) and he literally couldn’t give a single suggestion for anywhere to go. I think this would be more fun with more people, better venues and preplanned drinking games.

Antwort von Toursexpert:
Dear Molly. Thank you very much for your feedback. Your feedback makes our tours even better. The starting point of all our daily tours is located in Sabir Park, so choosing this place is a convenient location for all tour participants and an ideal location for all tours. According to Google, the area where the pub tour will take place is 1 kilometer from the starting point of the tour, which is a distance that can be walked in 10 minutes. The number of participants in the tour is not an indicator that depends on us, and this is understandable, given that only citizens of 45 countries were allowed to enter the country because of the Covid19 pandemic. Unfortunately, a wide range of snacks is not possible for you, because you do not eat seafood and smoked products, the absolute majority of snacks on the pub tour are smoked or seafood. I would also like to inform you that in pubs in Baku, 1 glass of local beer is served at the cheapest price of 1 and the most expensive 5 AZN. In the places you went, 1 glass of that beer was 2AZN, which is not the cheapest, they are mid range pubs. As a nightclub and kareoke recommendation, one of the clubs shown to you is the one that was shut down due to the Covid19 pandemic, but the other is one of the busiest and most beautiful clubs. Reservations in pubs are not made in advance on type-based tours because they are paid, and pre-booking gives us a financial loss, as some customers tend not to participate in these tours. Thanks again for your feedback.
26 Nov 2019 Detroit

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