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Mein Name ist Mo Kamal. Ich habe einen Vollzeitjob als Finanzberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer. Ich habe auch ein Diplom in Geschichte. Meistens arbeite ich in meinem Büro und gehe nicht nach draußen. Da ich also in die Geschichte verliebt bin, habe ich die Chance gefunden zu helfen, die Zeit zu genießen, mit neuen Freunden treffe ich mich hier jeden Tag, um Wissen, Lebenserfahrung, glückliche Zeiten, Lächeln zu teilen, die wir zusammen haben können, und es waren bisher großartige Zeiten jeden Tag. Ich bin glücklich mit all den Zeiten, die ich hier mit all meinen Gästen verbracht habe, diese schönen Erinnerungen werden für immer bei mir bleiben. Vielen Dank an alle, dass Sie mich glücklich gemacht haben, und ich hoffe, ich habe Sie auch glücklich gemacht.

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16 Apr 2023 Barcelona
Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Apr 2023

Thank you so much for this tour! Kamal was very friendly, helpful and polite. He adjusted the tour for me. I learned a lot about Egyptian history, our conversation covered all parts I wanted to listen about the Egyptian society. Absolutely he enjoys what he doing. What makes him special his knowledge, ideas were beyond my expectations not only about history but in different aspects including economy, social life even philosophy. Besides his sense of humor and his fluent English. It's like you meeting someone really different and you can't put him in a traditional pattern to expect his beliefs or principles. I recommend him if you're looking for Outstanding experience and someone more than a tour guide!

Sue Torres
10 Apr 2023
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Apr 2023

Kamal talked a lot about previous tours but gave very little information regarding what we were supposed to see. He rambled on about nothing. He tried to convince us to go to a bar and ditch the tour. We eventually just asked to go straight to the faluca, which it wasnt... we were 2 people alone, under a bridge with some local men who just appeared out of nowhere. It all seemed unsafe and not typical of guruwalk. We are experienced travellers and decided to leave a situation which seemed just all red flags.

Antwort von Kamal:
In fact this is not a review. It's kind of Insult and Violation. I explained Once we met that we have 2 types of guests, 1st Guests who really care on the information of landmarks. 2nd Guests who always asking about other Guests in my tours just to Scam them. And I don't accept those Scammers in my tours. You asked me about other Guests at the begging. And then I felt something wrong. I was worried from you and your partner and wasn't sure if I'm safe going with you. In a nice way I tried to tell you we shouldn't start the tour if you want more guests to be with you and you can search tours with other guests but you insisted to start. You didn't ask about any information or landmarks while I was explaining everything cause simply you're not here for having a tour but for another reason. You were laughing most of time and look like enjoying your time and making me stop until you translate for your friend. As you can check the tour it's provided in The " United States English Language Only " and we don't have other languages for now We went after this to the Seaport which I used to go every time with my guests. And it contains more than 30 Boats and Feluccas and you thought it would be an empty place? The guys there beside boats were the Guards and drivers of Boats. Then you embarrassed me in front of them and left giving many excuses like the Price then it's a big Boat then You don't know. And finally leaving with your Smile and didn't pay any money and I told you Goodbye in a nice way. I was there apologizing for the boat owners after you left them without any actual reason. Anyway now I know what you were doing exactly in my tour. I already reported the review and hope they can stop you from disturbing other Guests and Tours on the Platform. Cause it's a place for real Travellers who want some help in their Trips, and thank God for all my previous guests who gave me All those nice reviews as I was trying hard to help them.
27 Mar 2023 Saarbrücken
Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Mar 2023

18 Mar 2023 Barcelona
Geprüfte Reservierung
In einer Gruppe gereist - Mar 2023

21 Feb 2023 Marsaskala
Geprüfte Reservierung
In einer Gruppe gereist - Feb 2023

We were a group of 8 friends and Kamal was very punctual and took us around to the sites we preferred. It actually was kind of personalised. He also negotiated a very beneficial private evening Nile river boat tour for us which we enjoyed thoroughly. If you are looking for a casual friendly couple of hours with a local, I highly recommend Kamal. Also he speaks very fluent english

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