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Ich bin Archäologe und einer der Leiter des Reiseleiterteams und der Reiseveranstalter. Ich bin zertifizierter Führer, ich liebe Archäologie, Geschichte, Kultur, treffe verschiedene Leute, um mit ihnen zu teilen, was ich gelernt habe. Ich bin eine aktive Person und ich mag es, Menschen aus der ganzen Welt die Schönheit meines Landes zu zeigen

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24 Jul 2023 Cannes
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19 Mar 2023 Mountain View
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Nehad was responsive on WhatsApp and met us at the exact spot at place des martyrs. Nehad offered the free walking tour or an option that included entrance fees to museums and lunch at a traditional house. We chose this package and it did not disappoint. She was knowledgeable on Algerian and world history and guided us purposefully through the narrow streets of the Algiers Casbah. We stopped at several little artisan shops along the way and chatted with the artists. Nehad seems quite well known in the Casbah and she chatted with children and adults who came upon us during the tour. Everyone was quite friendly and wanted to engage with us. We felt warmly welcome and Nehad provided translation. She was full of nice surprises including a stop for tea and a visit to a local artisan with a rooftop patio for stunning views of the city! We eventually reached a private house with a tiled courtyard for a nice lunch of salad, chicken with Rechta noodles and miscellaneous honeyed sweets. When she realized we didn’t have afternoon plans she offered to extend our tour at no extra charge. We continued for the next few hours through the streets accompanied by her brother Ahmed. We learned more about Algeria from Ahmed and visited several places that tourists do not typically go. It was delightful. We had a great day with plenty of history, cultural education and exercise!

18 Mar 2023 Madrid
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Allein gereist - Feb 2023

This was a scam. I booked a FREE tour. The guide contacted me privately via email and asked me to pay 30€ for the tour. I decided to inform Guruwalk and they confirm that I wasn’t supposed to pay and that they will find a solution. I have never had any additional information. Bad experience, I would not recommend the website nor the guide.

Antwort von Nehad:
I like how you turned the table arround and you acted like victim , i offered something better then you asked for and that even you changed your tour dates , unfortunatly the world is not as you see it and the way you behaved after the email you sent shows who scamed who , anyways thank you nfor your opinion and your opinion is what make us go forward
18 Mar 2023
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Allein gereist - Mar 2023

04 Oct 2022 Düsseldorf
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