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Begonnen, Service für die ausländischen Gäste zu dienen, die unser Land seit über 20 Jahren besuchen. Wurde ein lizenzierter professioneller Reiseleiter und wollte meine Erfahrungen mit der ganzen Welt teilen. Lasst uns die verborgenen Teile von Ephesus entdecken!

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07 Jan 2023 Beirut
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Jan 2023

Guru Orkan was great. I would have préfères to receive more information about the surroundings of Ephesus because on our way to selçuk we saw many ruins that we couldn’t identify by ourselves which I would have preferred that the guru would explain a little bit about it but unfortunately he didn’t.

Lev Tankelevitch
29 Sep 2022 London
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Sep 2022

Orkan gave us an excellent tour of Ephesus - interesting, funny, and full of rich insights about the history of Ephesus, the culture of people living there, and the archaeology around it. He pointed out good spots for photos, and gave us plenty of advice on further things to check out in Ephesus and also around Turkiye. He was also easy to communicate with after booking, and was willing to wait for us when we were running late to the tour. Great experience!

19 Sep 2022 Abu Dhabi
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Familie gereist - Sep 2022

Thank you Orkan for such an informative and beautiful tour. We enjoyed a lot. Tour began on time and the whole process from booking till actual tour was very smooth. Highly recommended!!

Antwort von Ephesus :
Hope you had good experience and fun in my country... And happy to hear you enjoyed the day...
06 Sep 2022 Kfar Saba
Geprüfte Reservierung
In einer Gruppe gereist - Aug 2022

03 Sep 2022 London
Geprüfte Reservierung
In einer Gruppe gereist - Aug 2022

Orkan provided us a great tour around the Ephesus. He shared his knowledge with us in a way that everyone kept their interest and enjoyed being there. Whole tour was great fun thanks to the Orkan with his unique guidance.

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