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Hallo, ich bin Heekook! Während meines free walking tours kann ich Ihnen die wichtigsten traditionellen koreanischen Orte, historischen Stätten und Sehenswürdigkeiten zeigen. Ich bin in Seoul, Korea, geboren und aufgewachsen, daher können Sie mir jederzeit Fragen zur koreanischen Kultur stellen. Es gibt viele unterhaltsame Dinge über das zeitgenössische Leben in Korea zu lernen.

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Ru Bee
30 Jun 2024 London
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Als Paar gereist - Jun 2024

The tour with Heekook was wonderful. He is knowledgeable, fun and attentive to everyone. Heekook also recommended some great restaurants and places to try out. A wonderful introduction tour to Seoul!

29 Jun 2024 Istanbul
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Als Paar gereist - Jun 2024

Seul bölgesinde tur bulmak çok kolay değil. Bu turu tavsiye ederim

28 Jun 2024 Porto
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In einer Gruppe gereist - May 2024

Our tour was almost like a private tour. We were 5 people + Heekook. We spent almost 3 hours at the tour and Heekook was very fun, informative, patient, detailed with information and helpful. He offered to take some pictures of us, and gave us tips for other information and nice activities to do not related to the tour. Even after the tour, he was kind to answer when we asked him some activities and places to eat. It was an excellent tour! Note: The fried chicken restaurant he told us was the best one we've been in Korean. Really!

28 Jun 2024 Oisterwijk
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Allein gereist - Jun 2024

Very friendly and helpfull guide. Good locations during tour.

Maria Laura & Alex
27 Jun 2024 Cali
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Als Paar gereist - Jun 2024

## A+ Experience with Heekook! Let me tell you about this awesome trip I had in Seoul, all thanks to a local guide, Heekook. If you're into digging deep into the pulse of Seoul's culture and history, then Heekook is your go-to person! Heekook isn't just some tour guide, he's a Seoul native who knows the city inside and out. His tour is like a deep dive into Seoul's history and hidden gems. We started right off with these incredible statues of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sunsin at Gwanghwamun. Heekook totally brought them to life, explaining their epic roles in Korean history. It made me want to binge-watch a Korean history drama afterwards! Next up was Gyeongbokgung Palace, a must-see for any Seoul visitor. But with Heekook's knowledge, it wasn't just another pretty building. He explained the palace's fascinating story, making it feel like a real window into Korea's royal past. Super cool! The tour also took us through Insadong, this traditional Korean street that's like stepping back in time. Think narrow alleys lined with cool shops selling unique souvenirs. In all honesty, Heekook's tour was fantastic. It was a perfect mix of history, culture, and just getting a feel for the real Seoul. You'll walk away with a deeper appreciation for this amazing city, all thanks to Heekook's local expertise and passion.

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