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Ich wurde in Portugal geboren und lebte in vielen verschiedenen Städten Südeuropas, bis meine ganze Familie Mitte meiner Kindheit zurück nach Kanada zog, wo meine Mutter herkommt. Im Jahr 2020, auf dem Höhepunkt der Pandemie, zog ich nach Stockholm, um meinen Master zu machen, und habe seitdem meinen Platz als Unternehmer und Community-Builder in dieser Stadt gefunden. Zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben habe ich das Gefühl, endlich zu Hause zu sein, hier in Stockholm. Ich liebe es, Museen, Parks und Third Places in Stockholm zu erkunden. Wenn Sie also einen Einblick in das Leben in Stockholm aus der Perspektive eines Einheimischen erhalten möchten, nehmen Sie an einem meiner Erlebnisse teil!

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04 May 2024 Kulmbach
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19 Apr 2024 Flensburg
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We had an amazing tour with Frankie, she showed us many new places we haven’t seen before. We had a lot of fun and can just recommend the tour to everyone that loves architecture and design! Thanks Frankie:))

10 Apr 2024 Lund
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In einer Gruppe gereist - Mar 2024

I booked the tour a week before. the guide messaged me to propose another date which doesn't suit me and I messaged him the DAY D to know if the tour is still going on, no answer, I sent many messages and I was there at the meeting place ahead of time , then the guide cancelled tour saying they don't have minimum !! another person was participating also. This is a really bad approach, to cancel or to change dates when we are approaching the tour date. I have my schedule and we, tourists, come from far away with specific days and we cannot jungle and change hour or date as the guide did !!!!! he is a local, he needs to be flexible and arrange time, if he puts tours everyday, he needs to be able to guide everyday, and not to change the tourist plan !!! anyway, I would not recommand this guide. not professional

Antwort von Frankie:
Hi Ibtissam, Thank you for your review. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We empathize with you but there are policies we must follow, including the minimum group size. That is why we offered an alternative date well in advance, which you did not respond to on time. We tried our best to accommodate you but we cannot do a tour with only 3 people. It doesn't pay our guide for their time and we try to be ethical when it comes to paying our guides fairly. Kindest regards, -Frankie
08 Apr 2024
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Als Paar gereist - Mar 2024

29 Mar 2024 Zagreb
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