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23 opiniones de otros walkers sobre los tours de Limasol
23 opiniones
Rodrigo 25 Apr 2023

Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Mar 2023
It was a very short tour and not many places visited. And part of the tour was in a store of local products, although interedting store, made the your look even shorter.
Conozca Limassol: free tour
Jana 28 Mar 2023

Reserva verificada
Viajó en pareja - Mar 2023
Sasha brought the knowledge of 8 years of living here to the table.. We enjoyed it, tasted some local snacks and drinks, found out why there are so many cats, fintech companies, expats here etc. She is a professional photographer, too. Highly recommended.
Conozca Limassol: free tour
Mark 14 Feb 2023

Reserva verificada
Viajó en pareja - Feb 2023
A very enjoyable and informative tour with Sasha around the Old town and Port area of Limassol
Conozca Limassol: free tour
Tyler 23 Oct 2022

Reserva verificada
Viajó en grupo - Oct 2022
Sasha gave us a great tour of the old town of Limassol. She had pictures of what it looked like in the past and gave us stories of not only ancient times but also more recent local stories. She’s been in Limassol for 7 years now and I really appreciated the perspective of someone who moved to Limassol. I really enjoyed the tour. Thanks Sasha!
Conozca Limassol: free tour
Hany 09 Sep 2022
Rishon LeZion

Reserva verificada
Viajó en pareja - Sep 2022
Very nice short tour, a good start for a visit at limasol. Sasha was very kind and intresting.
Conozca Limassol: free tour
David 09 Sep 2022
Kfar Saba

Reserva verificada
Viajó en pareja - Sep 2022
I can recommend Sasha as your tour guide as she was pleasant and knowledgeable, and showed as some interesting spots in Limassol.
Conozca Limassol: free tour
Dorothee 07 Sep 2022

Reserva verificada
Viajó en grupo - Sep 2022
Sehr unprofessionel, habe mehr erwartet, negative Sprache über Land und Leute , sehr sehr schade, habe Folgetermine storniert.
Conozca Limassol: free tour
Nikola 02 Aug 2022

Reserva verificada
Viajó en grupo - Aug 2022
Thank you Saha for taking us in the places where we, most probobly, wouldn’t go. Tour was great, more then we expected.
Conozca Limassol: free tour
arik 14 Jun 2022
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Reserva verificada
Viajó en pareja - Jun 2022
Sasha is a great guide and an interesting person to walk with. We learned a lot about life in Limassol and saw some interesting places that as a tourist without a guide we would not know. Many thanks Sasha
Conozca Limassol: free tour

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