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17 opiniones
Jeanet 23 May 2024

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Viajó solo - May 2024
He showed a lot of nice places in the city centre, and I liked his stories.
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Csilla 19 May 2024

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Viajó en grupo - May 2024
Even if born and raised in Oradea, we organised this walk for our friend visiting from the UK and we joined in. Definitely recommend! We found out so many things about our city, buildings and streets. Adrian did a great job!
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Henning 16 May 2024

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Viajó en pareja - May 2024
Great insights! So knowledgeable, interested and balanced. Awesome.
¡Camina por Oradea y habla sobre edificios!
Vanesa 30 Apr 2024

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Viajó en pareja - Apr 2024
We had a very lovely and interesting tour with Adrian. He is humorous and full of information. Oradea is just amazingly beautiful!
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Denisa 31 Mar 2024

Reserva verificada
Viajó en pareja - Mar 2024
We loved the walking tour and we learnt a lot about Oradea both as a local and a tourist. Engaging tour with zesty anecdotes for inquisitive minds. Adrian is a professional guide from top to toe, a wellspring of knowledge, with proven experience, ensuring that the audience is engaged at all times.
Free Free tour por Oradea
Moritz 25 Feb 2024

Reserva verificada
Viajó en grupo - Feb 2024
Oradea proves to be a captivating city in Romania, unveiling a rich history teeming with intriguing tales and legends skillfully narrated by our guide, Adrian. A delightful surprise was his proficiency in German. Adrian impresses with his great sense of humor, perfectly tailored to each situation. We wholeheartedly recommend Adrian for an enriching experience in Oradea.
Free Free tour por Oradea
Alex 20 Feb 2024

Reserva verificada
Viajó en grupo - Feb 2024
Thank you, Raul, for a very nice experience! We highly recommend taking a tour with him. He is very knowledgeable and so accommodating to our schedule! Great recommendations for places to eat too!
Oradea con Raúl
Adrien 05 Feb 2024

Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Feb 2024
It was a very interesting tour, Adrian knows his city and its history very well. It was great to hear him talk about the history of the city's iconic buildings. I would highly recommend this tour.
Free Free tour por Oradea
Nathalie 15 Oct 2023

Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Oct 2023
Flavia was amazing, very personable, friendly and passionate. Oradea is a beautiful city and Flavia made it come alive, as she spoke through the different eras and also added personal stories of the people who lived in each building. This tour is essential when visiting the city. Elle parle aussi français extrêmement bien!!
¡Camina por Oradea y habla sobre edificios!

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