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The best tour in rabat

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  • Rabat
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Sobre el guru Mohammed

Mohammed is my name but you can call me Simo, I have been a tour guide with morocco exchange program and I like you tours in Rabat, I like to be surrounded by optimistic people and I avoid negativity. Rabat is the place I call home but I live in Sale ( 20min away ) Rabat is a multicultural city that has more than one place to visit, there's Oudaya garden, the beach, the Souk... Más »

Mohammed is my name but you can call me Simo, I have been a tour guide with morocco exchange program and I like you tours in Rabat, I like to be surrounded by optimistic people and I avoid negativity. Rabat is the place I call home but I live in Sale ( 20min away ) Rabat is a multicultural city that has more than one place to visit, there's Oudaya garden, the beach, the Souk, Hassan tour, old Medina, and much more to offer. I have been doing this for seven years so far and I find it fun ,I work as a cabin crew with Flydubai, I worked with British Council as a teacher center assistant and as a translator for a football ( Soccer ) agent, and I am good at football if you want to play lol the tour starts when you book it and then you decide the time that suits you, I am open to all of your suggestions, opinions, and ideas. It is your tour so feel free to shape it the way you want and I'm here to make it a safe and an informative one. My tours are not so formal, we go out as friends, and at the end of the tour you can tip the amount you want. The meeting point is at the gate of the garden, ( look at the pictures to find it ) on googlemaps its called " portes des oudayas "

Sobre el tour

Rabat is one of the most famous cities in africa and the capital of Morocco, I would like to take you in a journey where the beauty of old medina meets the astonishing modernity of the new buildings to give us gorgeous views and lovely sceneries. A safe and fun tour can be acheived through communication and shared thoughts, You can choose when to start your tour and when it should finish, share your thoughts freely and help me make this tour a fun as well as informative one.

PS : some travelers only booked without confirming their tour and I ended up there not finding anyone please confirm your tour by a message so we can discuss the details and make sure that we meet on time. Moreover, the time is very flexible

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Como encontrarme: In front of the Oudaya garden door - look at the pictures to find it - or you can call me.

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Opiniones (14)



4 días atrás

First, this is not really a tour according to the free-tour-concept, known from other cities. its more like a private tour and mohammed asks for a fixed fee (150 dh, which is not a bargain to be honest), but leaves it up to you to pay more.

regarding the tour itself: mohammed is a nice guy for sure and his english is excellent. but he is not really a guide, and you will notice that. he is not really in the business of explaining things in depth or making you aware of things, that you wouldn't have seen yourself. also the places visited are just the ones, which are pretty obvious in rabat. very very rarely i took benefit from the tour in that regard.

all in all, if you are too lazy to open your guide book, the tour might help you a bit. otherwise your guidebook serves the same purpose and more. so, basically money for nothing.

but maybe this might change. mohammed certainly has the potential to improve - and i wrote this review to encourage him.

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Respuesta de Mohammed:

Thanks so much for your review, first of all if you took the time to read my tour description you could find out that I am not a professional tour guide, and I do the tour as a friend, second thing, Rabat is a small city and has only few places that are interesting and important to be visited, and Concerning the price, I obviously gave you an idea about how much it usually costs, travelers know that we pay for our transportation and food, some give as twice as you gave and didnt complain but I understand that you were expecting a pro and pay him nothing. I would like to thank you for the encouragment and appreciation of the efforts I made.


4 días atrás

Mohammad was willing to meet and spend time walking rabat. he was pleasant, helpful and i would definitely not hesitate to recommend him. he asked about goals for the walk and stated up front how much he expected in pay (unusual for me guruwalk but ok with me). i could have spent some more time in the medina but that was my fault for not asking. overall i was pleased and would seek him out again.



5 días atrás

Soy monika de bilbo. fijo que fue un tour totalmente diferente a lo que mohamed está acostumbrado. sólo teníamos unas horas para pasar en rabat, así que para hacernos una ligera idea, cogimos el tour en inglés (lo gracioso es qué tenemos un nivel muy básico) imaginaros lo qué pudimos reírnos. un placer haberte conocido

Jillian walker


8 días atrás

I had a lovely day with mohammed and thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of this great city. his knowledge and conversation were very helpful, particularly as i plan to re-visit for a longer stay later in the year. he fully understood my objectives for taking this tour which were fully achieved - and above all he was an excellent companion.



20 días atrás

Mohammed is a really friendly guy who answered all our questions. he also gave us advices about restaurants and told us some insights about the moroccan way of life. we definitely recommend this guy!


Jasprit singh

27 días atrás

Mohammed is an excellent tour-guide. very friendly and forthcoming. the real benefit of the tour is his knowledge (and willingness to share it) of the culture and society of rabat and morocco. i would advise the tour-takers to ask a lot of questions about the history and culture as they are not evident from the buildings and monuments. mohammed gave me a an excellent overview of the moroccan culture and history.



29 días atrás

He is very kind , you can ask him about all questions he tell you all you want to know . he has been very punctuall .


Elias Tellez Calzado

29 días atrás

La simpatía y las ganas de hablar y de que se le hable y se le pregunte.



29 días atrás

We come from spain and we really enjoy the tour with mohammed, he is so nice and he loves to talk, we felt free to ask him a lot of questions about rabat and moroccan culture.

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hace 1 mes

The tour was fantastic, the guide really wanted us to enjoy the visit and added a very special touch to the tour that i personally appreciate. highly recommended for a first impression of the magnitude of this great city. thanks mohamed.



hace 4 meses

Mohammed is a very good guide!

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hace 5 meses



hace 5 meses

I had an absolutely incredible time with mohammed. we walked around to all the major sites plus more in the span of just over 4 hours. i was planning on doing it on my own but i’m glad i went with mohammed. he shared the local experience and led the tour in an informal and casual way. he is very nice and very welcoming to any and all questions. choose mohammed and you won’t be disappointed.



hace 8 meses

Me and mohammed did a private tour through whole rabat for about 4 hours. we visited all of the highlights of the city and he explained how the city works and his own impressions of the city. we had some really interesting long talks about islamic religion and culture. mohammed was very punctual at the meeting point, and even guided me back to the front door of my air bnb. definitely worth the price!

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