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Dubrovnik for all generations (0-100 years)

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  • Dubrovnik (Ragusa)
  • Disponible en: Inglés, Alemán

Sobre el guru Local Guide

I'm a licensed tour guide in my hometown Dubrovnik. In my opinion, traveling and meeting different cultures are important for personal development, that's why I like my job so much. Best Regards Barbara :)

I'm a licensed tour guide in my hometown Dubrovnik. In my opinion, traveling and meeting different cultures are important for personal development, that's why I like my job so much. Best Regards Barbara :)

Sobre el tour

Hello all you dear travelers! I'm a young but experienced tour guide in my hometown Dubrovnik.

On my tour you will find out many details about rich history and cultural heritage of Dubrovnik, traditional and modern lifestyle, language, cuisine... Also, you can get a new friend in Dubrovnik (me) because I like meeting new people from different countries.

My tour is also KID-FRIENDLY, so don't hesitate to take them with you. Of course, it would be great if you let me know this before the tour.

I look forward to meeting you. :)

PLEASE NOTE: 1) I live away from the city centre, that's why you HAVE TO reserve your spot on the tour by sending me a message in inbox. If not, I won't show up on the tour.

2) If you are not able to come, please let me know, too.

3) Keep calm...and enjoy your holidays :)

Punto de encuentro
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Como encontrarme: Buža Gate, the northern entrance to the Old town (you can see the photo of our meeting point in gallery)

Horario del tour

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Opiniones (16)


Vanessa Mini

1 día atrás

Great tour! barbara is a good guide. we learned interesting facts about dubrovnik.



3 días atrás

It was a great tour. our guide barbara gave us a lot of historical insight and game of thrones facts throughout the city. the two hours duration was perfect to get a full grasp of this lovely city and barbara put much heart into it.



18 días atrás

Great tour! barbara was pleasant and informative. we are a family & enjoyed learning about dubrovnik & croatia. she even included a bit of got as well. if you are looking for a smaller group tour, contact her!



22 días atrás

Very good tour! be prepared though because she gives lots of information, which for some type of tourists -like my friends- could be a little tiring. for me it was perfect!



22 días atrás

It was a very informative tour, barbara was very patient and could explain a lot about the city and its history. also, she was very open to questions and was able to answer them all very well!


Lalit mohini bhat

27 días atrás

Really informative. barbara was well informed and was open to all the questions.



27 días atrás

Barbara was great, very infomative about dubrovnik now and in the past.



30 días atrás

My husband and i loved the tour. barbra was so knowledgeable and kind. would recommend to anyone!


Natasha Warner

hace 1 mes

We really enjoyed our tour. barbara, our tour guide was incredibly informative and very willing to answer any additional questions.



hace 1 mes

Covered a lot of details and questions encouraged



hace 1 mes

Great overall



hace 1 mes

Barbara was a fantastic guide, very knowledgeable and friendly. highly recommend!



hace 1 mes

Amazing tour! our guide barbara was so knowledgeable and even dressed up in traditional costume. we were lucky to see the city with her.



hace 1 mes

Barbara was a great tour guide, very friendly, approachable and most of all very knowledgeable. highly highly recommend!



hace 1 mes

I caught up with the tour at the last minute on a saturday morning and barabara added me for the group at 10 o'clock.

the history of dubrovnik is fascinating and the story was laid out very well for us, by walking through the old town, and keeping mostly to the shaded !

i enjoyed the company and the group had a nice atmosphere lead by barbara, much better to see the city with a crew



hace 2 meses

Easy to follow, spoke clearly with excellent english. kept us in the shade away from noise as much as possible. very knowledgeable and passionate about her subject.

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