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The best free walking tour in florence

  • Florencia
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Sobre el guru Manuel and Christine

Hi! We are Manuel and Christine we are friends and both of us are licensed tour guides of Florence. We decided to start this poject together because we like very much the city where we live and we would like to share our love for Florence with you. We hope to meet you soon! :)

Hi! We are Manuel and Christine we are friends and both of us are licensed tour guides of Florence. We decided to start this poject together because we like very much the city where we live and we would like to share our love for Florence with you. We hope to meet you soon! :)

Sobre el tour

Are you interested in the secrets of the Medici family? Do you want to know the story of the construction of the biggest dome of the world? Do you know why the David of Michelangelo was sculptured to be in Signoria's square? If you are curious about all these facts or you have more questions about Florence: sign in and join us! The guides are licensed tour guides of Florence and you will find a friendly and easygoing atmosphere.

This tour is TOTALLY FREE, no tariff is applied. If you like the tour, you can leave us a tip or a review to support our project. Our goal is to give everyone the possibility to discover our city.

RESERVATION IS MANDATORY at least 12 hours before the tour.

If you didn't reserve it you can try to be at the meeting point in time and join the group but in this case we will not assure that the tour will take place :)

Punto de encuentro
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Como encontrarme: In front of the statue at the square San Lorenzo-there is only one:). We`ll have a red scarf on our bag.

Horario del tour


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Opiniones (32)



hace 1 mes

It was a great tour! manuel is a really good guide, shared with us a lot of information even small things we wouldn’t noticed.

it was nice walking in the evening. thanks again manuel!



hace 1 mes

Loved the tour. interesting and lively. manuel is an engaging and insightful story.



hace 1 mes

Great tour. manue is a fantastic tour learned a lot about florence and its history. thank you manuel!


Luis Felipe

hace 2 meses

The tour was great, manuel was excellent and his knowledge of florence is second to none. he was also full of facts regarding the history of the city which made the whole tour more enjoyable.



hace 2 meses



hace 2 meses

Nette tour, manuels englisch versteht man gut. kann ich jedem nur empfehlen!



hace 3 meses



hace 3 meses

Manuel is so informative and gave us a wonderful introduction to the history of florence. we have been on several tours in rome and my son thought manuel was one of the best tour guides. he made the history so interesting!



hace 3 meses

Really great tour ! will definitly recommend it.



hace 3 meses

Very great tour! we learned a lot and manuel was very nice and friendly, and he was good at teaching.



hace 4 meses

It was a very good and succinct introduction to florence that i would recommend to those who are visiting the city for the first time. it covers several of the major sites and offers a good overview. i would especially recommended it before visiting places in greater detail.



hace 4 meses

Manuel was a great guide! very informative on his city of florence. i strongly recommend him.



hace 4 meses


Carolin Giese

hace 4 meses

We had a great tour with manuel with lots of insights and fun facts about the origins of florence. we definitely recommend this tour!!



hace 4 meses

Manuel was a great guide. we enjoyed learning some of the history of the city. he was very good at pointing out details and explaining the meanings. on our own, many of these details would be missed. they explain so much! thank you!



hace 4 meses



hace 4 meses

Evening tour: manuel was flexible enough to make a detour to the small streets which gave us a better feeling of a city apart from the main attractions which he covered very thoroughly with interesting details.



hace 4 meses

Manuel was fun, very knowledgeable & informative. he was very patient with all our questions. i would highly recommend this walk to better appreciate the ins & outs of bella florence!



hace 4 meses

I loved the tour. manuel was very good with his facts. the way he narrated the events was so interesting. he had so many stories for all the ancient buildings and sculptors. wish the tour was longer but everything was fantastic. i would definitely recommend my friends and family to take this tour :)



hace 4 meses

Manual is a wonderful storyteller. he makes the history come alive. highly recommended.



hace 4 meses

Manuel is super engaged and presented really interesting facts far behind the usuall touristic knowledge. awesome!



hace 4 meses

What a great tour. lots of information with a nice balance of theatre to make the story of florence interesting. highly recommend



hace 4 meses

Amazing tour! manuel is very knowledgeable and shared with us many interesting facts and stories about florence. this made the experience both educational and fun. at the end of the tour, we stopped for drinks, chatted some more and enjoyed the perfect scenery. overall, a great experience!


Ritika Jain

hace 5 meses

Manuel is a great and fun story teller. the tour was very informative, creative and fun. recommend everyone to take it. and he is damn sweet, we enjoyed in the end in the true italian style with some beer and chips at the sidewalk.



hace 5 meses



hace 5 meses

Manuel is extremely knowledgeable and patient guru. we were with two kids and still he was considerate enough to pace the tour as per our convenience. a must guru for florence



hace 5 meses

Great tour, probably the most informative we have been on in europe! manuel told us so much about art, architecture and the history of florence, and answered all our questions amazingly. there were only two of us, so essentially ended up being a private tour! would highly recommend to anyone wanting an informative evening tour of florence.



hace 6 meses

Best tour ever (and i saw more than one)! informative, funny, professional yet relaxed atmosphere. highly recommended!!



hace 6 meses

I am in florence for about 2 months now. we did the walk "florence by night" and it was a very nice tour. manuel knew a lot of details and we also saw some points i wouldn't have recognized before. it gave me a new view for the city.



hace 6 meses

We did the tour with manuel and it was great, not only for the knowledge of his city that he has but also for the time entertained and chat we had after the walking which took us around 2 hours.

he took us to the must of fiorenze and told about the history, art, architecture,


Mohamed Amine

hace 1 años

The tour was very informative. i personally learnt a lot of interesting information related to the beautiful city of florence. i think that christine was capable of informing us about so many interesting things. plus, she seems to be an open person. christine was a bit tired though she tried her best. i think the location of meeting was not very clear . this is why we were not many of us in the walk and i think (but i am not sure) that there were some people who came, but didn't find us. anyway, thank you very much for the walk christine.



hace 1 años

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