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Glasgow Tour's dark and secret past.

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Glasgow Tour's dark and secret past.
Guru: Gordon
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Hours: 10:30
Languages: English
Duration: 2 hours
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Essential Free Tour of Glasgow

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Essential Free Tour of Glasgow
Guru: City Tours Somos Escocia
Days: Sunday, Thursday, and Friday
Hours: 11:00
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 2 hours
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Best things to see and do in Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, being the economic, social and political axis of the region. Framed within the United Kingdom, it is a destination that has a small Old Town (historical center) compared to other cities of the same nature. The Georgian-style houses placed one behind the other stand out more than any other architectural styles, retaining very few vestiges of their medieval pasts. It may seem that almost every historical trace has been eliminated, but the modernization of the city has been taken place on most of the streets, giving rise to picturesque images decorated by the Clyde River. Despite not having historic buildings that preserve the styles of past centuries, the beauty of this city lies in other strong points, such as the bustling streets, the nightlife as well as in its parks and museums.

To discover this town in a new and original way, we recommend you try it with some of the best local guides in Glasgow on a free walking tour in the morning or in the afternoon. You will discover the true history of some of the most important monuments and buildings in the city and soak up Scottish culture. On your tour, don’t forget to visit the illustrious Kelvingrove Museum (the most visited in the United Kingdom, outside London), the University of Glasgow where Albert Einstein or Adam Smith studied, the Botanical Garden, Ashton Lane and Hidden Lane, the San Mungo cathedral in Glasgow, the Necropolis (cemetery), the Riverside Museum, Provand's Lordship, the Glasgow Science Center, George Square or People's Palace. With just this list alone, you will have enough to keep you busy until your trip ends, so get started with a guided guruwalk. 

If you have any questions about the tour route or the guide, check out the opinions and reviews left by other walkers about the free tours they have done in Glasgow. This way you can be assured that you will find the best tour for you. This way, you are also able to see the honest opinions of other tourists like you and how they felt so you can choose the most interesting experience for your personal tastes. It is quite common for people looking at doing a guided tour here to also check out Oxford or Brighton. 

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