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Hello everyone! I'm Ricardo, I'm 32 years old and I live in Guadalajara, I like to explore new places, expand my social circle and learn languages on my own. I am sure that if you visit my city I can show you places that only local people know about.

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01 Jun 2024 Puerto Vallarta
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Travelled alone - Jun 2024

What a fun tour, it was informative, he bought us treats to try, he really knows his local cultural history and was fun to talk to and hangout with. I got to explore parts of Tlaquepaque that I've never seen before.

23 Apr 2024 Seattle
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Travelled in couple - Apr 2024

Ricardo is a local and he focuses on culture. He is a kind and authentic person and gives personal insights from his own family and growing up in Tlaquepaque.

15 Apr 2024
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Travelled in couple - Apr 2024

Ricardo was a great tour guide and we really enjoyed the tour! He knows tlaquepaque very well and was able to tell us much of the history of the town. He even told us about common foods/drinks and let us try tejuino, which was delicious. He’s a very friendly and knowledgeable tour guide, so I highly recommend him!

11 Apr 2024 Paris
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Travelled alone - Apr 2024

18 Mar 2024 Bredene
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Travelled in couple - Mar 2024

Ricardo has good knowledge to do the tour innTlaquepaque .nice person

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