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Hi! I'm Ismael. I am 42 years old and I come from the island of Menorca. I have diplomes of Art History in Palma de Mallorca and Fine arts in Barcelona.

I've been in Berlin for 13 years. And although I came because I am interested in art and to develop myself as an artist, I began to be interested in the history of this city. Since then I have not stopped exploring its monuments and corners.

I'm also passionate about modern Art, specially Street Art. In my spare time I like to prepare and make graffiti. Even teach people some techniques for their Initiation.

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Rachel 09/15/2021

We picked this tour after seeing a lot of memorials and historic sites in Berlin. It was a great way to see other parts of the city. Ismael is obviously very excited and knowledgeable. We are so happy that we took this tour with him!

Ingrid 09/15/2021

Personally, I would not recommend the tour. I felt that the pacing was poor - we spent ages looking at 3 or so random graffitied walls in Kreuzberg, with very little information provided that I could not have looked up by myself on Google, or simply by looking at the graffiti myself. Then, we sped very quickly past the East Side Gallery, despite the fact that it was the first time that 5/6 of people in our group had ever been there and wanted to stop longer for pictures. The tour guide didn't really do much to make the conversation interactive or two-way, and although he was always happy to take questions, often the answers were quite vague and didn't really get to the root of the question. I wished we got more 'insider' stories that only someone familiar with the street art scene in Berlin would know. If you want to see the graffiti or Kreuzberg, take a walk around the neighbourhood yourself I'd say - same with the East Side Gallery.

Federico 09/15/2021

Robin 09/14/2021

Yurika 09/13/2021

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